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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas at the Farm!

Weather gods, thank you for delaying the storm so we could spend a day at the farm enjoying Christmas with my family. We came home last night around 9, and the big snowstorm was just starting to pick up strength. By the time Violet woke me up at 2, it was snowing heavily. I didn't even mind a three-hour Curious George marathon with her because the snow was so pretty!

I might surprise the boys tonight and take them on a late-night walk in the snow -- it may be too cold, I heard the temps are going to drop this afternoon, but it sure would be fun to do!

Today we're at home, the boys are playing in the snow and I have already put away all the new Christmas gifts from the farm party. I'm slowing pick up the house, doing laundry, soaking beans for chicken chili tonight, and taking a break to share some of my favorite photos from last night.

Without further adieu, here is the Wirt family Christmas at the farm 2013:

 Dad dozing before the party begins

 Oh I love this pic of Violet and my mom! Can you believe Violet is old enough now to giggle and be silly. I can't believe how big she's getting...

 Bo and my mom -- Bo was singing a song, hence the funny face.

 This may be one of my all-time favorites of dad and Bo. That Bo was just the definition of Christmas spirit yesterday. His enthusiasm and excitement are so contagious!

 One more of my sweet little elf -- here he's posing with a pile of melon rinds. He ate TWO giant plates of them last night. I won't tell you about the clogged toilet issues that resulted...

 Shawn reading a book on his phone -- the picture of an in-law. ;)

Dad and Hudson enjoying a chat on the couch. You can't really see but there was no snow in the yard yesterday -- everything had melted away. 

 Look at this little peanut! She was wearing her uncle Troy's hat around. Also, don't you LOVE her skirt!! She will probably be wearing it the next three years because it is so big this year. But I absolutely adored it and was so happy I found three shirts that match it so she can wear it to all kinds of Christmas events!

 I liked the blurry people in this photo because it is very true-to-life -- every event at the farm with our family is one big blur of people! But it's always so much fun. It's just great to be "home" with my family. 

 These two have previously ignored one another but for the first time they started taking an interest in each other and played together! Maddox is 2.5 and expecting a little brother in March, and of course Violet is 1 year, 9 months and is NOT expecting a sibling, ever. :)

 Kael chowing down on hotwings, one of his favorites. In fact, he said he was "born to eat hotwings." 

 And finally Mazy makes an appearance. I love this photo because he has a blue Gatorade mustache and hotwings all over his cheeks. He is such an enthusiastic eater!

 And I always like to see them reading mom's scrapbooks and enjoying photos of past Christmases. She does a good job of switching out the scrapbooks that are on her tables so they always have new ones to look at.

 Aaah, a favorite family tradition -- searching for the Christmas pickle on the tree! Given the enthusiastic response to this game and the varying ages of the children involved, we now hold three "heats" and pair closely aged children together so they have a chance against the older kids.
Round one was Maddox, Imersyn and Violet. Imersyn found the pickle and won $5! Violet and Maddox got a bag with $2 in quarters from Grandpa's piggy bank.

 Round two was Hudson, Irelyn and Bo. My eagle-eyed Bo found the pickle and asked to trade-in his $5 bill for 20 quarters instead. :)

 The most competitive heat was the oldest grandchildren: Theron, Kael and Mazy. Shawn hid the pickle extra hard for them beneath a rafia ribbon. It took them forever to find it. But my other eagle-eyed son Mazy was the winner! I don't want to brag, but they are both very good at the pickle game. I expect Violet will be a champion pickle hunter as well 
once she figures out what the heck is going on. :)

 My brother Troy's family. This picture is SO Troy -- Bears cap, Hawaii t-shirt, Busch Lite in the can and a toothpick in his mouth. My brothers are great men -- good fathers, good husbands and a lot of fun to be around. 

 I decided to get pics of all the kids with their moms. I know Keri would not have been on her phone had she known I was taking the picture. ;) With her are Maddox and Kael, and yet unnamed baby boy in the womb.

Sister-in-law Kindi with her girls Irelyn and Imersyn.

 And look at this perfectly posed and coordinated family! Ha! I love to tease my sister but what a beautiful and happy family, Heidi, Hudson and Theron.

And look fast because here's the only picture of me from the night -- me and my trio of twerps. Oh how I love my little brood!

And here they are Mrs. and Mr. Christmas -- opening stockings and watching their four children, four in-laws and 9.5 grandchildren enjoy the holidays at the farm.

There was a plan for present opening... but this little monkey could not resist her presents. It was the rip that started the Christmas chaos. Once the other children hear her paper tearing, they all went wild and started opening presents as fas as they could. 

Here's a pic of my nephew Kael. He's wearing one of the Wirt Farms sweatshirts that his dad Troy bought for all of us this year. He also got us hats, too. The sweatshirts have a pink breast cancer ribbon on the arm. 

Here's Bandy, my other brother, with his family of females. 

And this sad picture is the only picture I got of my brother-in-law Steve! And the lampshade is covering most of his head! Sorry Steve... Better luck next year. ;)

Theron was very excited to open several new Monster High dolls and playsets. They're the hot new alternative to Barbie.

Shawn helped Violet open her presents, including this new pink/gray outfit from Grandma and Grandpa. 

Now you can begin to see the mass free-for-all of presents. Mazy watches Kael open some new Legos. Legos were the hot toy for all the boys this year. Same as last year. And likely the same next year. 

Kael is out of presents to open.

My handsome husband sporting his new Green Bay stocking cap and "The Christmas Story" t-shirt I bought him. Fa ra ra ra ra, ra ra ra ra!

Post-present cleanup went quickly. Soon all the wrapping paper was packaged up and each child was allowed to open a toy or two to play with. 

Violet was more interested in the candy canes that decorated some of the packages, than in her presents.

But she and Maddox eventually opened up a new four-pack of cars that she received from her cousin Imersyn. 

Theron in a new miniskirt from Grandma playing with her Monster High dolls.

My sister bought all the kids shovels for stocking stuffers. They called themselves the cleanup crew and scooped up everything they could get their shovels under. Hopefully we caught all the gifts they tried to dump into the garbage bags...

And that was Christmas at the farm. Great time had by all. Thanks, Mom and Dad! 

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