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Monday, November 11, 2013

Snowy Day in Iowa

It snowed today! It snowed today! I must admit a certain childlike excitement about snow in November and December. It just made me happy to watch it blowing across the landscape and sticking to the tree branches. It really didn't snow much, just enough to get people complaining.

Before I forget, yesterday I painted almost the entire foundation of the house! Whoohooo! Whoohooo! That's quite a job and I did it during the Packers game. Bo helped me for awhile, but then went to play football with Mazy. It was really quite nice out so I'm glad they got to enjoy it before the cold and snow hit today.

One more bit of news today. My brother Troy texted and said they found out the sex of their baby that's coming in March -- a little boy! That will make three sons for him. I was kind of hoping he'd get a girl this time because he would be such a sucker for a little girl. But he is a wonderful dad and will be great with three sons.

Since fall seems to be gone, at least for this week, I thought I'd share some photos from our morning at Deal's Orchard near Jefferson. We were there during the week we spent on the farm. It was a lot of fun -- the cider and apples are long gone, but we're still enjoying the honey we bought.

Mom as the Wicked Witch
Mazy as the Tin Man
Bo as the Cowardly Lion
Sweet Violet -- isn't that a fun outfit!
My three pumpkins hamming it up.
Do you know how hard it is to get the three of them together for a decent photo...

Oh this girl just makes me happy. 
The store at Deal's Orchard.
Isn't this a pretty scene?

Keep warm this week. Oh, and happy belated birthday to my Uncle Dougie!!!!! He's a great guy and I have enjoyed having him and his family be our closest relatives -- just a 10-minute drive away. Hope you had a great day, Doug! I heard you treated your girls to tickets to Wicked. What a fun way to spend your birthday. See you soon!

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