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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Minnesota Trip, Part 1

As usual, I'm a bit behind on blogging photos but I finally have a few ready from our Minnesota vacation. It was a blast and made me want to start saving for a vacation cabin of my own!

We hardly took any toys to the cabin just a couple footballs, crayons and paper. But I did surprise the boys with this cool wooden castle block set. 

The boys spent a huge part of our long weekend outdoors playing on the big hill that overlooked the lake. It was very windy and cool, but they were in heaven.

The view from our deck.

The kitchen/dining area -- it was a great cabin and very roomy.

Sweet Violet just hanging with her sippy cup.

I loved this picture of Violet and Shawn -- taken in the morning when they were waiting for breakfast. 

Bo snuggling on the couch with his cousin Victoria.

Mazy doing what Mazy is always doing -- playing football...

More football....

Little sister and big brother enjoying the view.


So the weekend is here and I was busy working in the house today, but you can't really tell... I hung up a lot of curtains that we had washed and needed to rehang. I put all the switchplates back on after the walls were painted a couple weeks ago. I made an awesome beef stew with cheddar dumplings for supper. I worked in the basement for awhile. Shawn hauled a load of things to Goodwill donations. The boys helped carry out trash and recycling. We all went for a walk while the stew simmered.

Oh, and our loser neighbors (the ones who were evicted) moved their crappy old camper and pickup truck today! So now their backyard doesn't look quite as bad as it did. That's a plus!

On Sunday, I am painting outdoors. I have wanted to do it for weeks, and every time I start, something stops me. So darn it, I am doing it! The foundation isn't fixed yet, but I'll just paint around it. We're also waiting for a pickup truck so we can get all the brush out of the backyard. We're getting there...

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