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Thursday, October 31, 2013

"I Got a Rock."

Poor Charlie Brown.

He went out for Tricks and Treats with his "friends' -- who, let's face it, are not very nice to poor Charlie Brown -- and at every house they visited all he got was a lousy rock.

I LOVE "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown." When I heard this morning that it was going to be on tonight I was so excited! I thought we'd missed it this year and that totally bummed me out.

I couldn't wait for 7 o'clock to arrive so we could turn off the lights, gather the family together and watch Charlie Brown, Linus, Snoopy and the Gang. Violet made it through half of it, but then she was getting so ornery that we had to take her to bed. But the boys enjoyed it and so did Shawn and I.

Unlike Linus who waited and waited and waited for the Great Pumpkin to arrive, we are fortunate enough to enjoy a visit from the Great Pumpkin every year at our house. This year, he visited the house while we were all at work and school. Instead of toys, he left some very interesting and fun gifts for the family. For me, some beautiful black roses with glitter petals and a note, "Flowers that are as beautiful as you are." (That Great Pumpkin is quite the lady's man). For Shawn, he left three Halloween-themed air fresheners with a note for "Stinky." The boys and Violet each received a very cool Halloween fleece blanket that they could use while watching TV at night. They were all quite impressed, especially Violet and Bo, who tried their blankets out immediately. Also for the children, glow-in-the-dark toothpaste and a tin of cookies that the Great Pumpkin said were "Bo-friendly", meaning they had no MSG in them. I tell you, the Great Pumpkin really knows our family.

Earlier this week, Shawn carved a pumpkin of the Zombie Burger restaurant's logo. He posted it on their Facebook page and they commented on it, which made his day. Lots of people "liked" it, so that made him happy as well.

Last night, we enjoyed what has become an awesome Halloween tradition -- going to my Aunt Jean and Uncle Doug's house for supper and trick-or-treating! Aunt Jean always goes all out on the decorations and food -- it's awesome! This year she had pizza and mummy hotdogs for the kids, and salad, homemade lasagna and noodles alfredo for the adults. As well as breadsticks and all kinds of appetizers. AND she had two big ol' delicious desserts -- a caramel apple brown betty and cheesecake. Thanks again for hosting, Doug and Jean!!

As our tradition goes, the men take the children out around the neighborhood while the women remain at Jean's to talk, drink coffee and have dessert. It's an EXCELLENT plan. ;) 

And that catches you up on our week. It's flea market weekend, so Shawn will be heading to the fairgrounds on Saturday morning. I am DETERMINED to get the darn foundation on the house painted so that is my weekend goal. Sunday we have a house inspector coming over to check out the house and tell us what needs done before it goes on the market. We're getting close!

Happy Halloween, everyone!!!

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