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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Future Football Players

These photos are about a month old, but I had to capture the obsession that is football in our home. Mazy has been football crazy for about a year now. It is the latest on a long list of topics that he whole-heartedly, mind-body-and-soul embraces and becomes an expert. And with every one of these topics, he has always read books, written his own books and drawn hundreds and hundreds of drawings of them.

Let's see if I can remember his phases -- trains (Thomas the Tank engine especially), construction vehicles, monster trucks, race cars and Hot Wheels, sharks, prehistoric sharks, volcanoes, extreme weather (focus on tsunamis, tornadoes and hurricanes), dinosaurs and more dinosaurs and even more dinosaurs, Goosebumps books (horror stories for pre-teens), Plants vs. Zombies game, and then football.

It's interesting that Bo almost always becomes interested in whatever Mazy is interested in. Sometimes I wonder what Bo would like if he was the older brother, and Mazy was the younger one. Bo is a character though, and I have no worry that his personality has plenty of changes to flourish and differentiate itself from Mazy.

And now Violet is following in their footsteps! She LOVES Hot Wheels, dinosaurs and Curious George the Monkey. At least our toys get a lot of use.

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