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Saturday, October 12, 2013

60 Degrees and Sunny in Minnesota

Happy weekend, everyone! It's about 1:30 Saturday afternoon. Violet, Bo and I have our lake house retreat all to ourselves. Violet is on her fourth helping of hummus, Bo is watching cartoons and I'm just enjoying being here.

It's a windy, brisk and beautiful fall day in Minnesota. Our rental home overlooks Lake Jefferson, just a 100 feet or so from the back door with gorgeous fall leaves ringing the lake. There have been lots of water birds in the lake and flying overheard for Mazy to identify. He just finished studying birds at school so it has come in handy. There was also a pair of binoculars and a Minnesota bird guide in the house so that was helpful.

I LOVE having a water view while I cook, while we sit on the deck, while I sit downstairs at night and read a book, while I sit in my chair right now blogging. Yes, I brought my computer. I have some projects I want to work on. But for the most part, I've only used it at night.

Shawn and Mazy are in Mankato -- checking out thrift shops and then heading to the local arcade. When they return, I'm hoping to take an UNINTERRUPTED shower (a rare and unusual event for me) and then pack up the kiddos to go check a little pumpkin patch down the road.

Well, I guess five spoonfuls of hummus was enough for Violet. She's standing up in her highchair so I better run. We head home tomorrow morning, and then the kids and I will spend most of the week out at the farm. Ahh, vacation is great!

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