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Monday, September 16, 2013

Just Another Manic Monday On Arthur Ave.

We had a super fantastic weekend -- Adventureland on Saturday, which was really, really fun, and Sunday I had the luxury of staying home with Mazy and cleaning and doing laundry and making pumpkin muffins and hanging up our Halloween lights. 

Mazy was home with me as punishment for being mouthy and fighting with his brother. But it turned out to be a really fun afternoon with him. He made the weekly meal plan for me, writing down all the meals as well as all the ingredients we'd need. Then he helped me clean up the downstairs and keep laundry going. Then we went to the basement for all the Halloween lights to surprise Shawn and got those hung up all over. Then we made pumpkin muffins because they're Shawn's favorite. Then we went to the grocery store and got all our ingredients for the week. Then we put the food away. And then we celebrated with 20 minutes of playing football in the backyard. It was a really great afternoon.

It's bedtime here and Bo's yelling at Violet, who is very interested in everything her brother Bo is doing. So I need to wrap up. We all just returned from a 30-minute walk. This weather is beautiful!! OK, Violet's screeching is about to break my eardrum, it's definitely time for bed.

I owe you lots of photos and I promise I will start getting some up soon. Lots of good ones from Adventureland with Jean, Marla, Doug, Mom and all of us. And then my Greenville trip. And 2013 Legwarmer season for Violet. :)

And so much more. Hope you all have a good week ahead. 

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