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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Awesome Day at Adventureland, Part 1

First, this is LONG overdue, and I am a jerk of a wife not to have called this masterpiece out earlier, but here is the beautiful and delicious Bumbleberry Pie that my wonderful husband made as part of my surprise dinner the day I returned from South Carolina earlier this month. Homemade, blueberry, strawberry, blackberry and raspberry pie --- mmmmmmmmm. The recipe is from a Cape Cod cookbook my uncles sent Mazy the food blogger, not only is their restaurant featured in it but so is the little English tearoom that serves Bumbleberry Pie. I fell in love with this pie on my very first trip to Cape Cod. The tearoom was within walking distance from my uncles' home and it was one of my favorite places to go for lunch. I loved getting the Ploughman's lunch of breads, meats, cheeses and mustards. And then Bumbleberry Pie and tea for dessert!

So it was a really, really sweet surprise that was waiting for me. Thanks, Shawn!

Mazy, Violet and I just returned from the World Food and Music Fest in downtown Des Moines. It is one of my favorite local events of the year and this year we had the added bonus of my sister and niece to join us! Theron, my niece, is a very sweet girl who loves taking care of Violet, so I am a big fan of having Theron around. :)

I'll get some photos of the day up soon, but for now here's part 1 of our day at Adventureland.

 Riding the merry-go-round.

 Grandma Katy and Bo riding their horses.

 Sweet Marla (also a very good babysitter) and Violet. I know white pants is not the greatest look on Violet but it was the ISU/Iowa game and I didn't want her wearing black pants and being confused for a Hawkeye fan from behind...

 Big brother love -- both boys were great about riding with Violet. Here's all four of them in the ladybug. 

 What a sweet carload!

Dippin Dots break -- good ol' Uncle Doug! We can always count on him for ice cream breaks!

 Bo on the Frog Hopper.

It's his favorite ride, if you can't tell from his expression. 

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