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Monday, September 23, 2013

Adventureland, Part 2

We had a great weekend -- lots of photos to show you from the World Food Fest on Saturday afternoon and then Grandpa Pud's 90th birthday on Sunday afternoon. Fun times!

But first, the rest of the Adventureland photos. I'm heading to Dallas this weekend -- Wed. AM through Friday late afternoon. It's a leadership institute and I'm looking forward to it. We'll be hanging with our agency counterparts from Dallas, Denver and NYC. Five from the DSM office are going. Tomorrow night I will be trying to pack for the event. Ugh. I probably should have done some laundry tonight... Oh well.

Shawn has a movie he wants us to watch so I better get moving. Without further ado, here are a few more fun pictures from our Adventureland day!

 This ride is an original to the park, which opened in 1975... There are pictures of the four of us riding in the green dune buggy, and now I have sweet Violet and big brother Bo in it!

 Look at him smiling down on his sister! Bo is so good with Violet. Mazy is too, of course. She's well taken care of!

 Throw the ball into the goblets and win! We lost.

 You'd have thought our little quarter-back-in-training would have done very well at this game, but he was not able to throw the ball through the hole.

 Lefty Bo gave it a good try as well, but he didn't make it through either.

 Bo and Marla on the Chuck Wagon ferris wheel. They're on the leftside, right in the middle cart.

 Snow cone break!

 Trying to eat with one of the straw/spoons -- they really don't work that well.

 Mini donuts break!

 The boys love this ride -- the giant roulette wheel. They're on the far left side, Mazy has his arms up in the air!

 Another oldie but goodie -- the airplanes! Grandpa Pud always painted his wooden airplane swing in his backyard to look like the white planes. 

And the final pic, the little semis. Shortly after this was taken Mazy declared that the cab was just too small for him and he moved into the bigger seat behind it. He's growing up... 

I'll try to write from Dallas. Have a great week!

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