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Sunday, August 4, 2013

This Is Iowa: Summer Corn Feed

Today begins a weeklong series of photos of our life in Iowa. I'll dedicate it to Aunt Cindy, who I know misses being back in Iowa this summer.

To kick the week off, photos from the annual Hanson Family Corn Feed in Nevada. We helped host the event at my in-laws' house. I think they said over 100 attended this year. For those of you not familiar with a corn feed -- our version serves boiled Iowa sweet corn and ring bologna, and guests bring a side dish to share. It's a great time and this year's weather couldn't have been better!

Of course Violet needed a new party dress for the night. This polkadot halter dress was only $7 at Kohl's and the cutest thing ever.

Love this pic of her in the big lawn chair with the sun highlighting her hair.

Here's where the cooking occurs. In the foreground is a big black cauldron pot with an open fire under that heats the water to boiling. They add the sweet corn and ring bologna and boil until cooked through. The serving line is under the roof, to the right of the photo. 

Sister-in-law Denise -- mistress of the cauldron. She's always in charge of the corn and bologna, and this year she also fried 200 egg rolls and crab rangoon -- made by the Hanson women. They were DELICIOUS...

Sister-in-law Sandy -- head organizer and boss. Sandy handles logistics and a lot of the additional cooking with her mom Belinda. This year they made calico beans, potato salad, deviled eggs, baked crab rangoons, chicken and noodles, and maybe a dessert... 

Potluck bonanza!

Brother-in-law Eric helping scoop out piping hot corn and bologna.

Brother-in-law Brian covering his smoked stuffed jalapeƱos with bacon.

Mazy scored big honors this year -- head of the food line!! He wanted to review the food so his grandma and aunts said he should go first to get his choice. His celebrity status is still paying off... :)

Violet begging for food.

Violet carrying cups -- her favorite part of the evening. 

The event begins at 5 or so, and there are tons of picnic tables in the yard and children running wild everywhere. The party goes until the fairly late at night. We cleared out around 9 or so after helping to clean up. I have some good photos of the crowd but I forgot to resize them for my blog... 

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