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Monday, August 26, 2013

Heat Wave in Iowa!

It's been so long since I blogged! I'm sorry. I have lots of awesome pictures from our overnight trip to Cedar Rapids and the Sutton family reunion in Manchester. But they are still on the camera...

The first full week of school last week was wonderfully uneventful and the boys are doing great. Violet is adjusting to life as the only Hanson at daycare. They said for the first few days she'd run down to Bo's old room and look around for him. It's hard to believe they won't be reunited at school for another four years! Bo will practically be out of elementary school and Mazy will be in middle school!

I just returned from a walk -- I didn't have my little buddy with me. She had immunizations today and was tired and ready for bed. I waited until dusk so it wasn't quite so hot. While I walked, Mazy wrote a new blog post. It's a good one. You should check it out.

Bo and I had dentist appointments today. No cavities for either of us. We met Shawn at Buzzard Billy's for lunch -- I was so glad we could take Bo there. He's been wanting to go all summer and it was a real treat to get him alone with the two of us. Just like it was last week when we took just Mazy out to eat. I love that sweet little redhead of ours with all my heart but she's a pain in the butt at restaurants right now... So we don't take her unless it's absolutely necessary.

I cannot believe Labor Day weekend is here! It's so crazy that the summer is over. And we are still in our two-bedroom house.... I doubt we make much progress in September -- I have two big business trips that will take me out of the state and poor Shawn will have his hands full with the kids. But we continue to slowly chip away at the packing and repairs. One day we'll move! One day this fall!

Next week I'm heading to South Carolina for most of the week. I never talk about clients in my blog but I will just tell you I am going to tire school to learn how one of my clients manufactures their tires and then go to their race/testing grounds where they try out all the technology. We get to drive the high-performance cars, like the BMWs and Porsches! I'm not a car person but I am very excited for that! And with the heatwave in Iowa, the South Carolina weather can't be too much worse.... But it would have been nice if this trip was in January or February instead...

OK, I wanted to blog something tonight but I need to get Mazy to bed, shower and then have about three hours of work ahead of me so I will sign off and PROMISE to do better this week. And get my photos up!

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