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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Iowa State Fair Day, Part 2

Before I dive into the rest of the State Fair photos, I want to say great job to Mazy and Bo today on heading back to school!

I won't lie -- as I dropped Bo off in his room for his first day of kindergarten, I definitely started to tear up and had to run for the door before he saw me. He was in a great mood and quite excited for the day. It sounds like it went very well. He said his favorite part of the day was his boxed lunch. :) A boy after my own heart. We are trying to give them better foods for lunch to keep them energized and cut out all the preservatives and crap that don't help Bo's mood or temper.

Mazy also reports he had a good day. His desk mate is a girl and he's not thrilled with that, but maybe she'll keep him quiet. We can always hope. When I picked them up from the after-school-program, Bo came running over to me and said, "Awwww! I don't want to go yet!" That was an awesome thing to hear and made me so happy that he had a good day.

Now back to the Iowa State Fair!

 Grandpa Kevin and his grandsons (at least some of them!).

 My dad (aka Grandpa Kevin)

 The foot-long club: Mazy (with mustard), Kael (with ketchup) and Theron (ketchup and mustard)

 Ma and Pa Wirt 

 Silly pose! Notice Grandpa Kevin on his cell phone making plans to ditch us and join his buddies in the beer tent!

 Grandma Katy and Theron on the ski lift

 The view down Grand Ave. Can you see the Capitol off in the distance?

 Me and Shawn

 Goofball Mazy

 I loved this pic of Kael! 

 This was a bizarre traveling show with two people on stilts. I liked their paper umbrellas! 

 Bo at the DNR Building learning about the Fox Snake.

 Bo the snake handler! He was so proud of himself.

 Bo in front of the world's largest birdhouse.

 Bo with a tiny turtle.

 Theron with the tiny turtle. I told you got a picture of you, Theron!

 At the end of the day. The boys were wiped out. I told them to sit on the rock while we waited for Shawn to buy the prairie oysters... Grandma Katy bought them the toy guns... Mama would have said NO WAY to that purchase. :)

The boys eating prairie oysters. Mazy will rate them in a review later this week, but I can assure you, they both liked them. I'm pretty confident that Bo didn't understand what he was eating. I certainly tried not to think about it...

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