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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Proud Mother of the "Littlest Foodie in Des Moines"

I was a newspaper reporter for quite a few years and had my name in print hundreds of times. I've interviewed dozens and dozens of people and asked them personal questions and covered controversial issues, but never have I been so nervous about a newspaper article as I was today!

The story is out. It's good. It's great, actually. It's titled: Young Food Blogger Catalogs His Gastronomic Adventures and it really captures Mazy's personality from his dinner with Des Moines Register reporter Jennifer Miller. 

Being his loving and proud mother, my favorite paragraph in the article is this:

"Mazy facts according to me: He is precocious without being precious (or prompted) about it, outgoing but not obnoxious, thoughtful and smart without being a “dork.” He is still working on getting his permanent front teeth and is pretty much a typical 8-½-year-old boy who wiggles a lot and makes a mess at the table. Which is to say, he’s a heckuva charmer and great company. I also feel that my job may be a little less secure."

And look at this picture! His freckles are so prominent and cute!

Mazy has not seen the article yet. He was in bed when it was published online. I'm excited to see the print edition tomorrow and hear his reaction. He's a kid with a blog that's read by people in countries around the world -- so far he has not been nearly as impressed or in awe of being in Iowa's largest newspaper as I think he should be. But of course, I am a bit biased. 

It was a great experience, and I hope he enjoyed it and remembers it fondly when he's a famous football player/foodie/archaeologist/scientist. 

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