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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hot and Humid Tuesday

I wasn't outside much today, but when I was it felt pretty hot and humid. AM rains tend to do that but we need the rain so I'm not complaining. 

The most interesting thing to report today was the cheeseburger pasta we made for supper. It was a Pinterest recipe and Shawn and Mazy and Violet liked it a lot, and Bo tolerated it. We also had peas -- Mazy ate three helpings! And Shawn's mom sent home a bunch of fresh fruit -- all the kids favorites, so after eating all their veggies they enjoyed a big bowl of strawberries, blueberries and raspberries for dessert.

Tomorrow night is a Shrimp Corn Chowder recipe... I don't have a good track record with soup. Maybe this one will be good. It, too, is a Pinterest recipe, from one of my favorite Pinners, Closet Cooking -- a Canadian guy who has the best recipes ever! 

The sweetcorn harvest in Iowa is way behind this year. I'm pretty sure people were selling early sweetcorn in time for the 4th last year -- which is just ridiculous if you ask me. I am a traditionalist and enjoy my sweetcorn in August, maybe late July. 

Starting to get some plans for the weekend. We're heading to Nevada Friday night for supper with Shawn's parents. I thought about taking the boys to Despicable Me 2 after supper and leaving little red to entertain her grandpa for awhile. But I tend to leave those decisions until the day of the event so we can take moods and attitudes into account -- the children's and mine. :)

Saturday morning is cleaning and working in the kids' bedroom to finish packing it up. Saturday afternoon is our nephew Kael's birthday at the farm. He'll be 11... We moved back to Iowa a month after Kael was born. It doesn't seem possible it's been that long! That means we've been in this house 10 years and 1 month. I wonder how long we'll bei n the next one?

Speaking of that, I think I'll go check out the new Urbandale listings to see where we might end up living! Whoohoo! Exciting times for the Hanson/Wirt household!

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