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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Yankee Doodle Sweetheart

One more day of our four-day holiday. It's been so, so very relaxing and fun and great. Here are some of the highlights:

 Violet and Shawn attended their first Yankee Doodle Pops symphony concert at the Iowa Capitol. The weather was absolutely beautiful. We were there with a big crowd of family and had a great time.

 It was Bo's second concert. He held up like a trooper. We arrived at 6 p.m. and left at 10:15 when the fireworks were over. 

 Violet was in hog heaven -- freedom to roam around outside for four straight hours!!!

Like Goldilocks, she tried out every single chair we brought until picking her favorite. 

 Her favorite happened to be her brother Bo's chair.... But he was too busy playing football and making new friends to notice. 

 We spent the 4th out at the farm with my sister Heidi's family. Most of my pics from that day are on my real camera but I took a few of sparkler time with my camera phone.

 Shawn is always the fire and fireworks master. We convinced him to wait on igniting the rest of the fireworks until a weekend when our nephew Kael would be around. 

On the 5th, we hung out at home. I cleaned and did a bunch of laundry. Bo played with a new birthday present, dinosaur stamps and three pads of ink. He loved them. Thank you to his Aunt Heidi! 

 That brings us to today, the 6th -- Mazy's first playdate at our house. His friend Cooper spent the morning and early afternoon with us. After lunch, we walked to Union Park and met his mom and little brother there. The four boys played football and raced up and down the rocket slide (above).

 Here are Mazy and Cooper eating snow cones at the park. Cherry and orange. I got Tiger's Blood (strawberry and coconut). I don't know it's called that but I can never resist ordering Tiger's Blood!

Bo ordered blue raspberry and little Otto, who is behind Bo, ordered cotton candy. Jennifer, the boys' mom and an elementary teacher, ordered pink lemonade. I don't know why I told you all that but sometimes I find the flavors people order very interesting and a unique look into their personality. 

And so that brings us to tonight. I made taco pie for supper. It was pretty good -- no leftovers. Strangely, it has a mashed potato crust (which Mazy was not thrilled about but he did eat all of his) and then after it cooked, you topped it with shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes, fresh avocado, a few crushed tortilla chips for crunch and salsa. 

Tomorrow the kiddos and I are going to Heidi's house to pick cherries and blueberries and maybe make some cherry pies. Grandma Maxine helped Heidi and I make a fresh cherry pie on the 4th while we were at the farm and I have to say it was DELICIOUS.... Seriously, seriously good pie. I'm pretty sure you can't beat a pie made with cherries just picked from a tree. 

After berry picking, I'm taking the gang to the farm again to see Mom and Dad, who were in Las Vegas when we hosted the party at their house. :) I'll take our swimsuits. Violet loved swimming in the big pool with me so we'll definitely lather her up with sunscreen again and let her swim with us. Oh, and she has another double ear infection.... I took her to the doctor on Friday when Bo had his 5-year-checkup. Poor girl. Bo is in great shape and growing like a weed. The doctor said if he keeps up this pace, he'll probably be 6'2 or so. 

Oh yeah, and another thing that happened on Friday was Mazy and I going to The Des Moines Register office to redo his video for them. The couldn't hear the sound in the first one he did. An old friend of mine, back from my college days, is a photo editor at the Register. She called to see if we'd come by and redo it. I've been wanting to see the new Register offices so I was all for it. They were excited to try out some new equipment of theirs so Mazy was a guinea pig for them. He sat in their new kitchenette and did a short interview about his blog. I have no idea how it will turn out.... It's been an interesting experience, that's for sure. 

Have a great last day of your holiday weekend, everyone!

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