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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Good Eats Week at Our House!

Permit me a little culinary bragging tonight. I have made two outstanding meals this week and found four new keeper recipes, and we all know how exciting that is!

Monday night was the best. I got off work a little early so I could get a jumpstart on supper. The boys walked in the door, and Mazy said, "Mmmm! That smells awesome! What is it!" and Bo was on his heels and said, "Mama! What smells so good? I want to eat it!"

It is one of the great delights of my life to have the boys compliment my cooking. It just makes me feel happy and proud and useful. And to get rave reviews two nights in a row, whoohoooo!

Without further buildup, let me share these outstanding recipes:

 Monday's Meat Moussaka
This was outstanding! It's a bit of prep work but seriously good flavors. Both boys loved it! Violet loved it as well! Moussaka is a Greek dish made with eggplant, hamburger and tomato sauce, flavored with oregano and cinnamon. Yes, cinnamon. It is a delightful surprise. And it's topped with a little fresh parmesan, also delicious. 

Orzo is a tiny little pasta that's often served with Mediterranean dishes. We've never made it before but have often eaten it at the Olympic Flame restaurant. Anyway, this version of it is so fresh tasting with the lemon and fresh dill. Feta adds a needed richness and the peas and asparagus are bright, crunchy and full of flavor!

Mmmm, this was incredibly moist, as you bake it in a shallow pan of chicken broth. There's just a hint of the fresh lemon and parsley. Very good. 

We are the House of Roasted Vegetables. Seriously, we eat them at least two or three times a week. I've never tried this combination before, but we will be having it again! Red peppers, green peppers, onion, zucchini, yellow summer squash and artichoke hearts. The vegetables caramelize to become sweet and packed with flavor. 

I made this to take as my lunch this week. It was disappointing. The vegetables are good, but not particularly flavorful as very little is done to them. The soup is very watery. Adding a little parmesan helps but not enough that I'll make this again. Another failed soup.... 

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