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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Four Days of Progress

Sunday evening at 10. That stinks. I hate Sunday evenings, especially when I have had four glorious days off from work!!! Of course, I spent these four days working pretty hard in the house so it wasn't exactly a vacation but it was still much better than going to work! :)

Here's a fast recap:

Thursday -- My mom and aunt Sherie came over and helped me pack up all my scrapbooking supplies (the entire closet of them!) and all my sewing stuff in the basement. We also cleaned out and organized half of the main room in the basement -- a huge improvement! After they left, I focused on laundry -- washing, folding and putting away 5 loads. 

Friday -- Friday was kind of a bust in terms of house work... Mazy and I cleaned a bit in the morning, and then met my sister and her kids for an early lunch at 11:30. After lunch, they took Mazy with them for swimming and to spend the night. Meanwhile, I picked up Violet from daycare, took her to the ENT and then returned to daycare to pickup Bo. Got Bo a snack, drove out to West Des Moines and deposited him with my mom, who took him home for a night of swimming at the farm. Then, Violet and I went home, she took a nap, I folded three more loads of laundry. I packed her bag and we headed north to Nevada, to drop off Vi with Shawn's parents! Whew. It's a lot of work getting rid of all three kids for a night.  :) But it's worth it. Once in awhile, at least. We had supper with Shawn's parents and got Violet down for the night before we returned to Des Moines. 

Saturday -- With no children in the house, we slept in until 9. It was glorious! Then we were up, at a fast breakfast and went and cleaned out another big section of the garage for about three hours. Shawn, my awesome, awesome husband, took a load of donations to Goodwill. Then he came home, we filled the back of the van with trash and he went to Nevada to drop it off at the dumpsters and pick up Violet. I continued to do laundry.... But now here's the exciting part!!! And it really is exciting for me!!! I CONQUERED MT. LAUNDRY!!!!!! As you may remember, it was a New Year's resolution for me to finally wash all of the dirty clothes in the giant pile in the basement... And Saturday afternoon, I did it. Man, was it awesome! I called Shawn to celebrate. I'm talking everything -- fleece blankets that have been sitting in piles since winter, old baby clothes that have been outgrown, sleeping bags, towels, winter coats, mittens, blankets, sheets, big rugs, little rugs, stocking caps, bags, baby socks, boy socks, Shawn socks, my socks, everything is now clean!! This is a momentous occasion and I hope you are giving me a thumbs up as you read this!

Once Violet and Shawn were home, I packed her up and headed west to Panora. Heidi and Steve offered to drive Mazy to the farm and join us for grilled steaks and sweet corn. The kids swam all afternoon and we admired the new swimming pool deck that my brother Bandy built yesterday. It's not quite finished but it's looking good! Around 8, I packed up all the kids and headed back to Des Moines. Shawn had a game night at the comic bookstore. 

Sunday -- Everyone slept in today. We were all pretty wiped out. Bo slept until 11:45!!! That is a personal record for him. Violet and I went grocery shopping this morning. First to Aldi for all the basics. We dropped those off at the house and put away the perishables, and then back into the van for a trip to Whole Foods for some of the more hard-to-find items, like jicama, soy- and dairy-free chicken broth, soy-free marinara sauce, leeks, fresh dill and parsley, and a couple other things. Then I spent the afternoon cleaning fruit and veggies, making a crockpot of vegetable minestrone for me to take to for lunch this week, and preparing all the veggies for this week's suppers. 

I think that covers everything. Hope you all have a great week!

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