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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Happy for My Husband

My husband planned supper tonight.

My husband bought all the ingredients for supper tonight.

My husband prepped the ingredients for supper tonight while at work.

My husband beat me home from work and cooked supper and had it nearly finished when I walked in with three hungry children.

My husband makes a mean taco.

My husband is outside playing catching with an 8-year-old, pushing a 4-year-old on a swing and chasing a 1-year-old. Simultaneously.

My husband is awesome.


Three days of school left for Mazy. Tomorrow is bike day. 

Four days until the final flag football games of the spring season. Today it was announced the games will take place at the Waukee High School Football Stadium! The boys are super excited about that.

Five days until Bo's birthday. He's turning 5!!! I'm taking Monday off so we can do fun birthday things together -- schedule to be determined by birthday boy. 

My awesome husband just came in and found me blogging and has declared it is time for me to become awesome mom and take over child wrangling. Have a great Wednesday!

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