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Friday, June 28, 2013

Been a Long Time Gone

It's been awhile, like 10 days. Which is a pretty long time for me to go without blogging. There's been a lot happening, coupled with a lot of stuff at work and a lingering summer cold that is slowly claiming each family member.

Let's catch up, shall we:

Shawn says this is Violet being a "little raccoon foraging for food." It was in the morning, on our way to work and daycare. She spotted the box of granola bars I was taking and grabbed them away from me and ran away as fast as her chubby legs could carry her so she could inspect it more closely.

Look how intent she was on getting one of those granola bars out!

Mazy's last day of second grade. Oh Mazy, you are growing up way too fast.

My tradition has always been to take the afternoon off on the last day of school, pick out a small gift to celebrate summer and pick Mazy up when school is dismissed. I took a balloon and the present with me when I walked up to his school to get him. 

Last Sunday was the boys' final flag football games of the year. We took Violet to Bo's game. She enjoyed walking all over the bleachers at the Waukee H.S. Stadium. However, Shawn and I did not enjoy chasing her... We took her home between games and only I went back with Mazy for his game in the afternoon. Amazingly, all the thunderstorms that day missed game times. Alas, both boys lost their games. And so ends the season.

Violet on the bleachers. She looks so sweet, but really she's a hot-tempered little banshee who can arch her back and throw a fit in 0.08 seconds....

This was Mazy's best play of the game. He is the far left player in the gray jersey who is running with the ball. He didn't make it too far, but it was still a good run. 

And on Monday, our wonderful Bourne Sutton Wirt Hanson turned 5 years old!!! 5 years!!! My goodness, it seemed like just yesterday that Iowa was flooding and I was waiting for a stubborn baby to decide it was time to enter the world. He has become an awesome, sweet, loving and wonderful boy! Above he was posing in the new wrestling mask that he picked out on his birthday shopping trip to Toys R Us. 

Here's what Bo picked for his birthday loot: a WWE wrestling cage set (the fourth in our collection...), the wrestling mask (a first for us), a two-pack of Angry Bird collectibles, and, of course, a Lego set. 
I took his birthday off and he, Mazy and I had a great day shopping, eating out for lunch and picking out birthday treats for supper and his classroom at Target.

Oh, what's this? Another cute picture of Violet? How did this get in here?? :)
Here's she's modeling the EIGHT pigtails styled by her daycare teacher. It was on crazy look.

Don't even think about touching this cupcake.

Bo's birthday cupcakes. Eat them or rub them in my hair?? Hmmm, decisions, decisions. 

And that's a pretty good recap of the past 10 days. It's Friday again and unlike last weekend, we don't have any plans! 

Mazy is going to a Barnstormers game with his best friend Cooper, and spending the night at Cooper's house. It's his FIRST overnight stay... I think he'll be just fine. Though I remember my first overnight stay at Kelly Hodges' house (who lived less than a mile from us) and as I recall, I made them call my parents to come get me... And then when they got there, decided I didn't want to go home so I stayed. :) Let's hope that doesn't happen. Cooper lives about 20 minutes from us in the middle of nowhere near Bondurant. I can barely find their house in the daylight.

This weekend is also the big art festival downtown. I thought about taking the boys to it tonight, but then we decided to get their hair cut instead. But after driving all the way to Ankeny, we discovered the barber had closed early. So we decided to go out for Mexican. And believe it or not, Violet was a perfect angel during the entire meal. It's a first in months! It was so nice of her to allow both of her parents to eat dinner -- granted we ate it rather quickly, as if we were sitting at the table with a detonator counting down -- but we did eat!

Happy weekend, my friends!

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  1. Oh so enjoyed your last 10 days..the photo's and descriptions always make me laugh! Raising kids is the most exhilarating, and daunting task all wrapped up together. That Violet is quickly becoming a kid and not a baby! The boys growing - they're so lanky and handsome! I had forgotten Bo's middle name - such a strong name! I like it. I'm feeling good - just a weird weird experience. Am on the road to finding out just exactly what goes on, sleep apnea, reflux, esophagus problems. Hope to find out asap. Give a hug to all. Sure wouldn't want to be your parents headed into that brutal heat of the west!!