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Monday, July 1, 2013

Fourth of July Festivities

It hardly seems possible but summer is flying by and the fourth is upon us.

We'll kick off the holiday with my sister's family and whoever else wants to join us at the annual Yankee Doodle Pops concert at the Iowa Capitol. It's on the 3rd this year. Shawn is even talking about bringing Violet over for part of it so he can at least eat supper with us and let her roam around with the boys and her cousins. The weather should be gorgeous (so they say) and I'm sure there will be a huge crowd for it.

Thursday we're maybe taking the kids to a parade in Nevada. I guess it will depend on how late we're at the concert the night before and their moods the following morning. And the weather. My husband is not much of an outdoorsman, as you may know, but I keep telling him he has to make sacrifices for the children. In any event, I am looking forward to spending the afternoon and evening at the farm. The new swimming pool has been calling me and I am determined to try it out! My parents are in Vegas for the week so my sister and I decided to have the party without them.   :)

My work decided to give us Friday off as well (hooray for us!). Bo has a doctor's appointment in the morning -- his 5-year-checkup -- and I told Mazy we could have his friend Cooper over for a playdate in the afternoon. Maybe I will work on packing some boxes while they play.

Not sure about our weekend plans yet. I'd like to get Bo out to Linden to go fishing with Grandpa Pud with the new fishing pole he got for his birthday. If the weather stays as nice as they're predicting it could be a great weekend for it.

Well, my lunch break is nearly over so I suppose I should get back to work. Stay tuned later this week to hear how Mazy's dinner with the Des Moines Register goes. It's tomorrow night at a farm-to-table restaurant in downtown Des Moines... Wish me luck.

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