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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Fun Photos from Minneapolis

Well, I was getting ready to blog tonight and noticed I had a comment from a couple days ago that I hadn't read yet. Some of you may have seen it before I did -- a nice note from the food writer from the Des Moines Register. She wants to take Mazy out to eat one night with her, a photographer and a videographer. 

Sheesh, Mazy and I have always had a friendly rivalry about his blog being more popular than mine but if this story happens, he's going to leave me in the dust.  :) 

He was in bed when I read the message so I'll tell him about it in the morning. I think he will be willing, and likely excited, to do it. I'm curious what restaurant they will choose and what he will order. She said the Register would pay -- I hope she's read about how much sushi that boy can put away....

In other news, it's nearly Father's Day and I have been bad this year and don't have anything ordered yet but I do have some plans in mind for the weekend. Our celebration will have to occur on Saturday since the boys have football double-headers on Sunday. And once Father's Day is over, we'll have Mazy's last day of school on the 21st and then Bo's 5th birthday on the 24th! And somewhere we have to get back to house selling preparations.... Busy days ahead. 

I downloaded a few fun photos from our Minneapolis trip. Have a great Friday, everyone!

 Swimming! The pool was too deep for Bo but he had fun hanging onto the side and swimming with me one night.

 Hahahah! I laugh every time I see this -- the first store I made them go to at the Mall of America was the American Girl store! They were not very thrilled... I just wanted to see it and prepare myself for what I will one day probably be buying for Violet. :)

 This was what they were looking forward to -- the Lego store! Mazy with a Lone Ranger set and Bo with a new Batman and Robin set. Thank you to both his grandmas for giving them Lego spending money for the trip!

 Lego stores have this cool thing now where you can create your own minifigure. You can get a three-pack for $9.99 so we each made one. From left to right: mini Lego Shawn (my creation), a policeman with a sinister face (Bo's creation) and an old-timey banker to go with his Lone Ranger set (Mazy's creation).

 I don't know why this is sideways but I can't seem to fix it so sorry about that. It's the Viking stadium -- I had to show Shawn how far behind enemy lines we'd travelled. 

 Mom and Bo playing tic-tac-toe during lunch one day. 

 The hotel's restaurant was really good -- lots of local ingredients and definitely a focus on fresh and healthy foods. Here's Mazy's whole wheat spaghetti with turkey meatballs and a side of fresh fruit. 

 Bo ordered a funky fruit/meat/cheese shish kebab and a side of fresh fruit. The shish kebab idea was so fun! Chunks of cheese, lettuce, apples and turkey! Bo loved it! It was served with a side of honey mustard. Also, the writing on Bo's hand is the name of the hotel. If the worst-case scenario happened and he got lost, I made sure he knew what hotel it was and I made him keep a piece of paper with my cell phone and mom's cell phone in his back pocket. 

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  1. Just getting home and unpacked - how fun was lunch today? Just now reading about Mazy getting to go out to lunch - wow - I'm impressed!! Loved the pictures of Violet...can't believe I didn't get to see your kids and Shawn...but it was so fun seeing you twice! Lots to do..let me get it all done!