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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Spending Mother's Day Like a Mom

Like Christmas, Easter and the Fourth of July, I have very idyllic ideas about Mother's Day. I want breakfast in bed. I want cherubic children with freshly cut flowers. I want a doting husband with beautifully wrapped gifts. I want to be queen for a day!

Here's how I spent Mother's Day 2013:

1:30 a.m. Sunday morning: Violet wakes up, due to her THIRD ear infection in two months, crying and unhappy. I soothe her and put her back to bed.

2 a.m.: Violet wakes up again, having magically removed her diaper and soaked herself and her bed. I get her up and move her into our bed after changing her diaper and finding her fresh jammies.

3 a.m.: Bo enters our bedroom quietly crying. "Mama, I puked all over my bed."

3:30 a.m.: After stripping Bo's bed of the soiled sheets and dumping them in the bathtub, I successfully talk Mazy into moving into our bedroom to join Shawn and Violet for the remainder of the night. Bo has requested that I sleep with him. I get him changed into new pajamas, get settled into the lower bunk with him and am nearly asleep when he leans over and pukes again. This time on the floor -- onto several books, stuffed animals and toys. 

4 a.m.: Vomit-covered toys, books and stuffed animals have been hastily wiped off and thrown into the bathtub. I crawl into bed with Bo and fall asleep. 

6 a.m.: Bo wakes me up and says, "I'm going to puke again." And does so on the pillow. I grab a dirty tshirt from the laundry basket, wipe it off and flip the pillow. "Go back to sleep, Bo." I follow my own advice.

7:45 a.m.: Bo wakes me up and declares, "I'm hungry! Let's have bacon!" I inwardly groan and drag myself out of bed. I enter the bathroom and I'm quickly reminded of the pile of puke-covered items waiting for me in the bathtub. 

8 a.m.: I wander downstairs and get the tea kettle going. I am desperately in need of some caffeine. We make a hurried breakfast of eggs, toast and sausage links. I clean the kitchen. Shawn gets the puke laundry into the washing machine. 

9 a.m.: Violet quickly crawls upstairs and begs for a bath. I run the water and enjoy watching her shriek and giggle in the bubbles. 

9:15 a.m.: I reach for a towel to get Violet out of the bathtub and seconds before I remove her, I see the telltale grunting face and know she's about to leave an unwanted present in the bathtub. She does... I holler for Shawn and tell him he gets to clean this one...

11 a.m.: Violet is tired and hungry but doesn't want to eat because of her ear infection. I give her some milk and she throws up all over me, soaking us both to the skin. Shawn assures me it is from her ear infection and the "mucus buildup".

12 p.m.: I cook tacos for lunch. By myself. I clean up the dishes. Shawn continues to do laundry. We put Violet down for a nap. She has more milk and does fine with it. I decide my husband might be right.  

2 p.m. Shawn leaves me with Violet and Bo while he takes Mazy to his flag football practice and game. They make a quick stop at Walmart for a new mouthpiece.

3 p.m. Violet awakens from her nap. She is not happy. She is crying and refuses a bite of the birthday cake that Bo and I are eating.

3:10 p.m. Violet toddles over to me, arms outstretched, I pick her up and kiss her and she pukes all over me.

3:20 p.m. After changing my clothes and Violet's clothes, and adding more clothes to the puke pile, I sit down to eat my cake. Violet cries again and pukes all over me and on top of one of the cats. I close my eyes and count to 10. Is this day over yet?

3:30 p..m. Violet sits naked on my lap wearing a diaper. I have sprayed the rug where she vomited and sent Bo up for a new tshirt for me to wear. I pick up my cell phone and threaten my husband with his life if he does not bring home a really good supper for me.

6 p.m.: Shawn arrives with supper. Mazy arrives with stories of his football game. He wanted so desperately to win the game for me as a Mother's Day present but they lost in the last few seconds of it. We have a heart-to-heart about why winning is not important. He did score his first touchdown in the game, and he blocked two passes, including one in the last few seconds of the game. Shawn got it all on video so we watched it together after eating our Thai food. Mazy packs a bag and heads to the farm with my mom for the next three days. He is on school break this week.

7:30 p.m. Bo and Violet are put to bed. I collapse on the couch and we watch several episodes of Game of Thorns. 

At midnight, I go to bed and realize this Mother's Day was a very good reminder of what it means to be the mother of three children. And to be honest, I wouldn't change a thing. 

Have I ever shown you this mock poster that Shawn created? It hangs on our refrigerator and I have it hanging at work, and it makes me smile every single time I look at it. The expressions on their faces just crack me up. And of course, the moustaches are priceless. 


  1. Oh Keesia....Thanks for the laugh...and you're so right - that is a day in a mothers life!! I hope Jordan reads this as Madeline was also sick with a bug - Bryan was out of town with Cody and their friend Brad for a bachelor party at the beach - so I was there...that first time they're sick is scary. Anyway after I get home Sunday night, I get sick, Jordan gets sick Monday morning, and Bryan got it Monday night. It was brutal. I hadn't vomited that hard in many many years. So...kind of there with you. We're all just feeling so-so. But I told Jordan after I've had it and felt so lousy, most impressed with Madeline as she never cried all weekend with it.
    Hang in there...there's always Father's Day to look forward to. Talked to your Dad yesterday - he sounded really really good. He was happy to be planting.