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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Outdoor Meeting Weather

I love this time of year. It's so easy to suggest that our meetings move outside to the courtyard. It's a blinding white, sparkly stone courtyard that gives you a migraine if you're not in the shade, but it's still very nice to be out in the beautiful weather.

This week is not nearly as busy as last week. We're cooking every night. Getting work done. Keeping the kids in line. It's only Tuesday but so far so good. Shawn also mowed tonight for the first time this season. The grass was so tall in the front that it had gone to seed!

The boys ate all their supper tonight so Shawn treated them to Dairy Queen or "Dairy Cream" as Bo calls it. They all got blizzards. I requested a crunch cone -- it's my all-time favorite frozen dairy treat. By the way, we think that Bo's food intolerance is MSG, maybe not dairy. Shawn has the same problems with MSG and we've noticed a definite spike in Bo's anger and hitting issues the days following our suppers that have pre-made or boxed foods with MSG. We're testing the idea. It would be nice to get it figured out.

Tomorrow is Book Character Day at Mazian's school. He has an awesome costume ready to go-- thanks to Daddy Shawn would bought it all and made the final costume. I will be sure to get some photos tomorrow before school. Hopefully it isn't raining because I love to take those pics outside in the mornings when the light is so nice.

Well, I'm drooping and better get to bed. Bye!

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