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Thursday, May 16, 2013

'She's a Little Cherry of Cuteness'

Without a doubt, today's best quote goes to Mazy who said his little sister Violet was "a little cherry of cuteness."

Anyway, first, here's a photo of Mazy as Charlie Brown last week for Book Character Day at his school. Shawn was the mastermind behind this year's outfit.

Today I worked from home with Mazy. We took a late lunch and picked up Bo to try out the new hot doggery in town. See Mazy's review tonight if you want the details. I liked this picture of the two of them:

After lunch, we went to the Arie de Boer Arboretum at Waterworks Park. According to recent news, they say it is home to the world's largest crabapple tree collection. They were all flowering and it was quite a glorious site. I'd been wanting to get the boys there all week so they could run under the trees and experience the wind blowing the petals down like a rain shower on them.

There were lots of good trees for climbing. And lots of wide open spaces for playing football. Of course. We can't go anywhere without Mazy's football. 

Mazy got a picture of me and Bo.

After the park, we picked Violet up from daycare and then all headed to a coffee shop for a cool drink and a chocolate chip cookie for Violet. When we arrived home, she'd demolished the cookie:

 We played outside for awhile in the backyard. I tried to ignore all the landscaping and yard projects that were looming in the background and instead just enjoyed the kids:

It was a good day. Actually, it was a GREAT day. And look at that little peanut with her curly red hair, chubby cheeks and porcelain skin. She's so sweet! Tomorrow night our daycare/preschool has a silent and live auction to help raise money for a big sunshade for their playground. I'm taking the afternoon off to get a haircut and highlights. Yahoo! I think Mom is coming down to join me for lunch and then a pedicure. Should be a great start to the weekend! Have a great Friday, everyone!

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