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Friday, May 24, 2013

Let the Holiday Weekend Begin!

It's 5:04. Time for Memorial Day weekend to begin!

The sun is shining, the sky is blue, the boys are playing in the backyard, Violet is napping, lemon/garlic chicken is on the rotisserie, my butt is in an easy chair and my soul is smiling.

Before I forget, happy birthday to my niece Theron! Eight years old today AND it's her last day of second grade.

I might have left work a little early (but I was the last one in my department to leave!) -- to pick up Mazy when school was out and then stop by Orange Leaf for a small frozen yogurt for him and one for Bo. How can you start a holiday weekend without frozen yogurt and extra sprinkles?

Today was also Mazy's culminating event about corn -- he did a great job explaining his grain bin and auger model. I enjoy these events because the kids have to present their project and share facts and information they've learned. Parents ask questions and I always learn something new. It's a neat way to learn.

OK, while I have a few rare moments to myself, I better get some cleaning done. Happy three day weekend!!!!

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