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Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Weekend Photo Recap

It's been a great weekend. Really great. We celebrated Maddox's 2nd birthday on Saturday. Mom and Heidi came over on Sunday morning to help me pack up stuff in the downstairs and start styling the house for when we get it on the market. Today we had lunch at Heidi's. And we finished a lot of projects! Here are a few photos:

 Violet found six packs of PEZ candy. The photo is blurry because she was running so fast to keep the candy all to herself. 

 Here she is gnawing into the candy -- paper and all. I eventually wrestled it away from her and let her eat a few pieces. And then hit all the rest...

 Here is one of our crappy old dining room chair seats. We have six. And all six are terribly stained and ugly.

 Here is Shawn helping me recover the ugly chairs! Whoohooo! I'm sure some of you remember how long this particular project has been on my list.... Here's a clue, I bought the fabric for the chairs when Bo was about 7 months old.

 Oooh, pretty! Don't they look nice! Look fast, the boys have already stained two of them... No, I am not joking. I even had them sit on towels!!

 Another to-do list item finished: plant two planters for the front steps. Finished on Sunday afternoon, between thunderstorms. 

This was Sunday afternoon as one of the thunderstorms was approaching. The view of our neighborhood, looking west. 

 A few of our backyard. 

 Random photo of Nanny Mazy and Violet. 

Pizza time! Homemade pizzas at Heidi and Steve's house today -- Shawn made the crusts, which are his specialty. I topped them. We also picked up cupcakes, lemonade and strawberries to celebrate Theron's birthday last Friday.

And that's it. The weekend has drawn to an end. More rain in the forecast. Rivers and creeks are already flooded. One thing I'm really bummed about is that we didn't make it back to Panora to go to the cemeteries and leave flowers on the graves. That's something I really enjoy doing and it's a tradition I want to instill in the kids. So because of the rainy weekend, we will do it sometime in June instead. I promise!

We also looked at a couple houses this afternoon. Well, we just drove by them. Which was actually really helpful. We knew immediately that we didn't want to be in two of the neighborhoods we saw. It's so much fun to start looking now!! 

OK, I have a weekly meal plan to finish so I better get moving. Hope you all had a great long weekend!!

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