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Friday, April 26, 2013

Spring Has Sprung! Really, It Has!

Today was beautiful. It was sunny (most of the day). It was warm. It was spring. And tomorrow should be even better!

Busy, busy weekend ahead. Mazy has a birthday party tomorrow morning. Then we'll meet mom somewhere near Grimes and the boys will spend the night at the farm. Shawn and I (with our sidekick Violet) will pack boxes. I hope to paint the front steps and work in the front yard for an hour or two. Tomorrow is Shawn's dad's birthday so we're all going out to eat on Saturday night. It will be kind of nice only having one kid to wrangle instead of three at the restaurant!

Sunday will be more packing, more cleaning and more painting. The boys have their first flag football practice and game on Sunday afternoon. There's also the Junk Jubilee going on at at the fairgrounds. I'd love to go but I doubt I make it this year.

Next Friday we're going to the What Cheer flea market -- it's so much fun. I can't wait! I've been saving my birthday money for it -- I'm going to be looking for things for the new house. Maybe more red, turquoise and green stuff for my future retro kitchen.

I've also been collecting things for the kids' future bedrooms. Remember that they are all crammed into one room right now so we really don't have much stuff. Ideally, we'll find a house where they'll all get their own bedroom. Today, two rugs I ordered from Zulily arrived -- one a big sports-themed one and the other peace trees with little owls.

Finally, sweet Violet was home again today with Shawn. We think her latest antibiotic is creating some of the problems. She has her one-year appointment on Monday morning so hopefully we'll be able to get some answers then. And thank you again to Shawn for staying home with her so I could go to work and attend my three client meetings. And thank you to Belinda who covered for Shawn so I could go to work! It really does take a village to raise a child...

Well that's all from me. Have a great weekend and enjoy spring!

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