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Saturday, April 27, 2013

ER Visit, Paint and BBQ

Our weekend didn't begin as I had hoped.

Instead it started with a trip to the ER. Don't worry, nothing terrible happened. But any trip to the ER is scary. Violet woke up with a racing heart and was having trouble breathing. It was almost like she was panting. It was too early to get her in to the urgent care clinics, so we decided to take her to the pediatric ER. I was worried that she was having an allergic reaction to her newest antibiotic.

Fortunately, that was not the case. After a nebulizer treatment and chest x-rays, they sent us home. One of her lungs was full of junk -- I don't recall the medical term. She'll be on nebulizer treatments for awhile but hopefully she'll be feeling better soon.

Anyway, after that visit, I got a cappuccino and blueberry scone from Smokey Row and continued my previously planned weekend chores. Shawn and the boys were in West Des Moines -- Mazy was at a birthday party at a gymnastics place. I cleaned up the kitchen and dining room, and Violet toddled around and played with books and toys.

Once Shawn and the boys were back, we ate a quick lunch and then I did something I have wanted to do for TWO years. I painted the front steps!!! It was so great to finally knock that chore off my list. The boys were very willing painting assistants, and did a surprisingly good job. Tomorrow I am going to paint the new door frame, threshold and the metal handrails. I might even paint the back steps, too! Next weekend, I need to paint the brick trim all around the house. That's going to take some time and more paint than I have in my one bucket.

Late in the afternoon, Mom came by and took the wild men home with her for the night. They'll stay at the farm until tomorrow afternoon. We relaxed for a half-hour and then got ready for an early dinner at Smokey D's to celebrate Shawn's dad's birthday. We'd never been there before, but we will be going back! The food was great, and well-priced. I ordered burnt ends, smoked sausage, potato casserole and marinated veggie salad. So delicious! Violet didn't eat much, but she was in a good mood. It was nice to eat an entire meal without having to get up or leave early. We had a fun time.

I just realized I went to two places today with "Smokey" in the name. Curious.

After supper, we drove to my sister's house to borrow her nebulizer again. It was such a nice evening. Cool but warm enough for them to eat supper outside. Sweet Hudson is so good with Violet. Tonight was one of the first times she really seemed to notice him and play with him. And Theron is always very good with Violet -- following her around and keeping an eye on her like a big sister. I'm looking forward to many barbecues with all of them this summer!

And that's what happened today. Have a great Sunday, everyone!

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