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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunshine, Wind and the Farm

At one point this afternoon, I thought the wind was going to blow me over. And let's face it, that's one heck of a wind to push me around! 

Mazy needed to interview my dad about grain bins and corn. So we filmed their Q&A. And then took him outside to see the grain bin and Harvestore, the tractors and machine shed. Then we decided he should see the cattle and grain wagons at the other farm, so we drove up there. We ran into Grandpa Keith there, with his little dog Trixie. Mazy climbed into the feed bunk with him and fed a handful of corn to a red steer with horns. 

From there, we drove over to Grandpa Keith's farm to see the combine, planter and cultivator. We were having a good time driving around, so we went to a wildlife preserve and walked around in the timber for awhile. Mazy took a small hatchet with him and practiced cutting down trees. I only had about six heart attacks watching him narrowly miss his knee, his foot, his legs. OK, maybe it wasn't that close but it was nerve-wracking! We gave him several lessons and made him watch Dad use it correctly and by the end he was doing pretty good. After our farming and nature lessons, we headed back to the farm to give him his first bike riding lesson. 

It didn't last long. The wind was at its worst then -- blowing dirt and dust and sleds and everything else it could grab and flinging them at us with quite a bit of force. Mom only lasted about 5 minutes, I only lasted about 10. Mazy talked Dad into playing football for awhile, but even they came inside after 20 minutes. 

We wanted to take Violet outside but I think it would have blown that little peach away. Speaking of Violet, she still has a double ear infection. Shawn took her to the urgent care clinic on Saturday morning and determined that. We have new antibiotics for her. Hopefully these will do the trick but she is in good humor, nonetheless. 
We had dinner with Shawn's parents on Saturday night. Violet entertained Grandpa Dwayne by walking on the table every chance she got. The boys wrestled nonstop and created enough noise to wake the neighbors. But all in all, they were pretty well behaved. They were treated to late-night ice cream from Dairy Queen so they were quite excited by that. 

This morning, they were not so well behaved. Quite querulous and sassing back every chance they got, Mazy especially. But I got them to clean up the backyard, clean out the van and assist with the back porch. We got the kitchen cleaned up yesterday, swept and mopped. Cleaned the bathroom. Got some laundry finished. And we packed five boxes of toys, games and books. Five down, 328 to go.... But it's a start! And that's what's important! 

Well, speaking of laundry I need to go switch some and make lunches for the boys. More rain in the forecast, even talk of snow and ice tomorrow and Tuesday. Hopefully it will warm up again by the weekend. One week from today is the first flag football practice and game for the boys. They. Are. So. Excited... Mazy has been talking about this for months, and months, and months. He has his cleats and now just needs some new sweatpants without pockets and a mouthguard. Same for Bo. 

OK, back to work. Hope you have a great week! By the way, Uncle Doug I enjoyed your photos from the Veishea parade! I completely forgot it was Veishea weekend!

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