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Sunday, April 7, 2013

First Birthday Party ... In Bed

Watching the Country Music Awards show tonight with Mazy.

Mazy: "Mom you're more country. And Dad is more ... civilized."

Me: "I think you mean citified."

Mazy: "No, civilized is what I mean. You know, he's more, you know, urban and not like a redneck."

Me: "Gee, thanks, Mazy."

Mazy: "Well you like to be country, so it's a good thing that you are."

Me: "Let's just watch the show."


We had a great weekend -- I'll write more tomorrow. It looks like I'll be home with sweet Violet who has a terrible ear infection and has been miserable most of this weekend. Poor baby -- she didn't even get to blow out a candle or eat birthday cake at her party at the farm! And she looked so pretty. Despite the guest of honor being in bed for most of it, the party was a lot of fun. It was truly the first really warm day of spring, and although very windy, the kids had a blast being outside all day long. It was a great weekend.

And I will write more tomorrow. Have a good Monday.

Quick update: Shawn was having me search for snarky comments about the CMAs on Twitter tonight but he couldn't figure out the hashtags to search for them, so I got on. 

Me: Shawn are you looking them up with #CMA"

Shawn: Yes.

Me: Well I found lots of stuff. 

Mazy from the sidelines: Well maybe you need to look them up with your old man testicles.

Me and Shawn: (stare at Mazy in questionable disbelief)

Me: What!?

Mazy: (making circles with each hand and holding them up to his eyes) You know, your testicles for reading. 

Me: You mean his SPECTACLES!??

Mazy: Oh yeah, spectacles. His old man spectacles. What are testicles?

Me: Oh Mazy..... You crack me up. 

Shawn and I were dying laughing. It was hilarious. The kids on a role tonight I guess. I almost want to keep him up longer to see what else will come out of his mouth. 

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  1. Ha ha ha, now who's getting older first! : )