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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Random Photo Tuesday

 Mazy at horse camp over his spring break.

Gigi's Playhouse Gala Fundraiser for Down Syndrome 

 Finger-painting at daycare.

More fingerpainting. 

Well, it's been a long couple of days. Violet has had a rough couple of days. She was miserable all weekend. No appetite. Fever. Unable to sleep at night. So I stayed home with her yesterday and took her to the pediatrician in the morning. Poor girl had a double ear infection. We started her on antibiotics but she was still feverish during the night so Shawn stayed home with her today. Mazy came home with a fever yesterday after school. He also had a headache and stomach, so he joined them. We are hopeful that everyone will be back at school/daycare/work tomorrow. 

After yesterday's gorgeous weather, today was rainy, cool and pretty gloomy. But the moisture is great so I will take the rain without complaint. They say thunderstorms are coming tonight as well. 

Weekend plans are beginning to take shape. We're not going anywhere!!! The plan is to pack, pack, pack. Fill all the boxes we have and get rid of more junk from the basement. It's time to sell this house!

Hope you're all having a good week. 

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