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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Long Winter, Late Spring, Loving Family

Good grief. Winter is taking it's sweet time exiting this year.

Poor Bo keeps asking me when will spring come, and I keep telling him, it's here -- it just doesn't feel like it. Like all of us, he is tired of 40-degree weather, sunless days, gloomy skies and much-needed-but-still-dismal rain and sleet.

Since my last update, what's happened... Hmmm, I have to think:

  • We've started watching the Game of Thrones. It's very good. We're watching the finale of Season 1 right now. 
  • We were home last weekend for the first weekend in five weeks. It was nice. But I got the flu Saturday night and was out of commission Sunday. Which really stinks because we had 837 things we needed to do. Good ol' Shawn did seven loads of laundry that day. Got groceries. And entertained the children so I could sleep in the afternoon. He's a great husband. 
  • Violet is a walking machine. She is such a dear little thing. So full of baby giggles, smiles for her brothers, and nonstop demands for our attention. Her favorite place to be is on mama's hip or in daddy's arms. And wouldn't you know it, those two always seem to give in to her. :)
  • Shawn bought Mazy football cleats tonight. To say he is excited would be an understatement. Did I tell you he sleeps with his football every night?? Mazy, not Shawn. :)
  • Today I got an email to the parents of the 2013 kindergarten class at the Downtown School. I can't believe my little Bo is going to be in kindergarten. Time goes so quickly. We have to take time to enjoy them, every day, and remember all their fun little quirks and sweet habits. 
  • There's not much else to report. We're kind of boring these days -- just trying to get the house ready to sell, create a good life for our kids, perform our day jobs, keep the household running as smoothly as possible and every once in awhile have some fun. 

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