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Friday, April 5, 2013

Birthdays and Bathrooms

I owe you many pics of sweet Violet's first birthday. They are coming. Soon. I promise.

As I mentioned, we celebrated her birthday with Shawn's family last Sunday after Easter dinner. We had a great little family party at our house on Wednesday (her actual birthday) with my parents. She loved her presents from us, and so did the boys... She got a little mini kitchen that the boys play with every day. I've even seen them gently push her out of the way or try to get her to play with something else so they can have it...

She also likes her new pink toy purse and all the cool stuff in it -- compact mirror, cell phone, bank card, bracelet (her favorite) and a couple other things. I picked it out. It's awesome! It talks and plays music, of course. All baby toys now require batteries. It's kind of a pain.

And tomorrow, we will finish her birthday festivities with a party at the farm. Tonight I made three pasta casseroles and Shawn picked up the last of the food we need. The party is at noon so I'm taking the kids out early with all the food, and Shawn is coming a little later after he goes to the flea market and then picks up her birthday cake -- which will be ready at 10.

And now on to the bathroom! I am happy to report that our bathroom is finished! Pretty much. The stupid flooring guy has been fired, and not paid a cent. We had to pay our contractor to fix all the mistakes and finish the floor, and repair the broken vanity cabinet and install the quarter round, but it was worth it to get the floor finished.

I am very peeved at the stupid flooring guy though. And at Lumber Liquidators. It was a very disappointing experience and I do not recommend them. They do not stand behind their "certified" contractors at all. They would not help us. They would not even send out another contractor to fix the problems created by the first one. And don't even get me started on the damage created by the flooring guy that he never repaired or replaced or reimbursed us for.

I'm just letting it go and moving on with our plans to sell this house. We are TOTALLY enjoying our new bathroom though. It's been worth the money and the time and the headaches. And our other contractor, Jeremy and Jennifer of The Handy Guy, are awesome. I am so impressed with their work and work ethic and concern they had for our terrible flooring experience. They are just great.

So without further ado, please behold the transformation of our bathroom:

Here it is, the morning that construction began. This is after the boys and I had peeled off all the wallpaper, that's why the walls look so weird. Ugh, look at that ugly vinyl floor. The terrible yellow painted wood trim. You can't see it, but there's a big piece of trim missing by the sink. 

Also, note the snow on the tree outside the window. 

The baby blue walls were pretty bad... 

And this homemade, crappy vanity has been one of the worst parts of this house! It was so junky, ugly and dysfunctional. We have hated it for a long time.

We didn't really do a huge update, but we did paint the walls, put a new surround in the shower, put in new shower hardware, installed a new vanity cabinet and sink, installed a new medicine cabinet, hung new towel racks and a robe hook, and, of course, put in the new laminate tile flooring. I also bought new rugs, soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, cup, shower curtain and matching fluffy towels (which will only be used during house showings and in these photos). :)

Here's how it now looks:

It took so long to finish this "three-day" project that the snow melted from the tree, then it snowed again, and then it all melted and now birds are building a nest out there...

Improvement, huh! I'm very pleased with it. We still need a blind for the window and have to paint the quarter-round strip you can see beneath the vanity front, but that's all that's left! Hooray for us! Oh yeah, and I want to find some kind of bench with pull out drawers to put under the window for added storage. 

The boys and I are watching Wreck It Ralph -- the Blu Ray version that the boys got from their Grandma Belinda and Grandpa Dwayne for Easter. It's such a great movie, which is a good thing since this is the sixth or seventh time I've seen it. Have a great weekend, everyone!!!

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