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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Weekend Recap

We're on our third episode of Downtown Abbey tonight -- so good! We only have two more episodes to go in Season 3. Shawn is mad because I predicted a major plot point, like I usually do. Have I ever told you about my uncanny ability to do that? I'm really quite good. Which I suppose is quite annoying for Shawn.... :) You see, when one has this ability it is difficult to keep it to one's self. A better woman would make the predictions in her head and keep silent, but hey, what can I say? I like to be right.

What a weekend whirlwind -- I spent very little time in my own house. Saturday I was at the farm for a scrapbooking day with Mom and Heidi. Violet and Bo joined us in the afternoon. I made paella for supper -- it was delicious! This one had chicken, clams, shrimp and chorizo. I added too much salt but otherwise it was great. Today, Violet and I went to Nevada this morning to spend the day scrapbooking with my niece Tori. We are working on all of her scrapbooks before her graduation in May. Today we successfully finished preschool through fourth grade. Next week, fifth grade to eight grade. And then the high school years. Tori is very, very active in sports and has buckets of photos and newspaper clippings... It'll be fun!

And finally, with all the snow days last week for Shawn -- he has almost single-handedly taken care of Mt. Laundry! There's only a load or two left down there. I'm so excited!!! Had I been home this weekend it would be done now, but I will have to get busy this week and do it after work instead.

Speaking of this week, not much is going on. They were talking about snow on Monday but I haven't looked lately to see if it's in the forecast. Hopefully it is not. Shawn burnt out the motor of the snow blower last week... Bummer.

OK, I lied, one more update: we're planning a St. Patty's Day maintenance/packing day. Hiring all our able-bodied young nieces/nephews to come for the day to pack up a bunch of stuff and load it into a portable storage unit. Maybe we can do some painting and fix-it jobs, too... I better get a plan in place!

Have a great week, everyone!

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