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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

She Walks!

Walking might be a generous term, but our sweet Violet is taking steps! Oh it's so exciting to see a little human learn to walk. The first step I saw was last Saturday night at the farm -- Bo, Mom and I saw it. Then tonight, all of us watched her take two steps to Shawn. I squealed and clapped and Violet looked scared at the noise and commotion, and then slightly annoyed at me, and then all grins and smiles because she realized she was the center of attention. And she's never the center of attention around here.... :)

I also started planning her birthday parties today -- yes, plural. One at Shawn's parent's house on Easter afternoon and one at the farm the following Saturday. I was shopping online for decorations today but haven't ordered any yet. The first party will have a ladybug theme, and the second will have a polka dot/stripes theme! It's so fun planning them!

And, I totally forgot to commemorate Violet's 11-months-old day on the 3rd... Lame of me... I still can't believe she is almost 1! It's just not possible! This time last year I was very pregnant, very uninterested in work projects and counting down the days until maternity leave. Ahh, to have 3 months off again. That would be awesome.

One more update, did I tell you that the boys and I are stripping the wallpaper off the bathroom walls? Man, is that a hard job... But the boys love it, and they make it much more fun. Bo is so creative -- he tried all kinds of different tools to help him scrape it off and finally made an awesome discovery that his old spatula from his kitchen set is the perfect too! I can't believe how well it works. Mazy and I kept trying to bribe him to use it. He's so good natured and always shared it with us. What a good boy!

OK, have a great Thursday tomorrow!

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