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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Two Down, Tonight Begins Season Three of Downton!

Forget what's happening in the world, Shawn and I are addicted to Downton Abbey! Tonight we are starting Season 3. I'm almost sad to start it because that means we'll soon be caught up and there will be no more episodes to watch until Season 4 begins.

So I will keep tonight's post short so as not to miss a thing! Shirley MacLaine has made her first appearance!

Quick plans for the weekend: Saturday I have an all-day scrapbook day with mom and Heidi at the farm. Heidi is supplying breakfast, mom is doing lunch and I'm making paella for our supper. I can't wait! The only bad thing is that I will have to miss my sister-in-law Denise's 50th birthday party. But Shawn and the boys will represent us well.

And then Sunday is a second day of scrapbooking, but that day it will be up in Nevada to help my niece Tori do her school/sports scrapbooks before she graduates in May. We have not started yet and I think we are in for a lot of work between now and then!

OK, back to Downton. Happy Friday all!

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