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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Worst. Commute. Ever.

I hate to join the meteorologist-hating bandwagon, but jeez have they been wrong a lot lately... Last week's big blizzard never panned out, and then this morning we were nailed with a snowstorm just in time for the AM commute. Mazy and I left at 7:55. It normally takes me about 20 minutes to drop him off at school and get to my desk at work.

Today it took me an hour and 15 minutes... It was awful. Every single hill in Des Moines had people stuck and spinning out and sliding backward and causing mayhem and confusion (to quote Thomas the Tank Engine). I felt like I was playing a video game and the challenge was to keep my vehicle creeping up hills while dodging stuck SUVs, sideways compacts, dead-in-their-tracks semi-trucks and angry drivers burning the rubber off their tires as they tried to get moving.

Anyway, it was an adrenaline-pumping commute and I was quite happy to see my desk when I finally arrived at it.

Shawn made it as far as Ankeny and then turned back due to the visibility and terrible road conditions. I'm glad he did. I hate that stretch of Interstate between Ames and Des Moines. It gets awful in winter weather and the wind whips across it making it quite perilous for drivers. Instead, Shawn came home and washed and folded FIVE loads of laundry!! Whoohooo, thanks, Babe. What an awesome Tuesday treat. The laundry mountain in the basement is still there, but he put another dent in it.

In other news, Bo has been cracking me up lately. He's really hilarious. I tried to remember a couple recent things he's said but of course now I can't.

Oh, and our little sweet princess Violet -- yeah, she's turning into a terror at daycare... Today she was hitting, stealing pacifiers from smaller babies and bit a baby's toes! Apparently he had the audacity to steal the attention of her teacher by demanding to be fed. Oh Violet. I told the boys we have to crack down on her bad behavior now that she is old enough to understand us. I'm not excusing tiny's temper but I think she's kind of bored with the babies. She needs to be in with the one-year-olds who'll give her  a run for her money. Vi-Vi wrestles with two big brothers every night and she can hold her own a little too well. Oh but she's a sweetheart 99% of the time. That red hair just cracks me up!

All right, it's nearly midnight. Time to get to bed. Have a great Wednesday.

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