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Friday, March 22, 2013

Party at Heidi's House

I'm bummed because my phone started updating itself just as I was going to begin taking photos during the party tonight at my sister's house. So I don't have anything to show for the night, but I will report that it was a very lovely evening. Many of my favorite people were there, and that doesn't happen very often. We were celebrating Uncle T, Aunt Cindy/Uncle Dave being in town, and Grandpa Keith's 82nd birthday. It was a crazy but really fun party. Crazy because any party with all our children is always loud, rowdy and bordering on out of control. We never get to chat as much as I hope we could but it's still nice to catch up. Today was also the last major upgrade for the bathroom -- the flooring. The guy didn't arrive until 1:30, which is when we were leaving for Heidi's house. So we didn't get to see it until we got home tonight. I like the look of the flooring but there are some problems with the installation... There are gaps in at least two places that need fixed. The installer didn't hook up the toilet after he took it out. And, perhaps the worst offense of all, he left a freaking razor blade out on the hallway floor. It is right in the path where Violet crawls every morning. Had I not noticed it down there.... well, I don't like to think about it. But I did find it, and we haven't paid the bill yet, so hopefully there is still a chance that the gaps will be fixed and our bathroom will be finished. Our shower is off limits until Sunday, when the grout will be set. The good handyman will be back on Monday to get the sink hooked up, cut and install the shoe, and hang the remaining towel racks. Well, I'm tired. Tomorrow is mom's 60th birthday party at the indoor waterpark. As far as I know, everyone in the family is going. We are not all together often so it will be a fun time. This is also wrestling mania in DSM. The NCAA Division 1 wrestling tournament is going on and this town is packed with visitors. Every hotel is filled up. Good thing mom reserved our rooms several months ago. OK, I'm going to watch the second half of the ISU game and then hit the hay. A busy weekend ahead!

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