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Sunday, March 24, 2013

I. Hate. Remodeling.

Remember a week ago when I was excited about our upcoming bathroom remodeling project? I'd bought all the supplies. I'd scheduled all the contractors. I was making a positive and big step toward getting the home on the market. It was a time of optimism and anticipation. One week later, the bathroom is half finished. We have not had use of the shower or bathroom sink since last Monday. Today at 1 p.m. the shower will officially be open for business as the grout has had 72 hours to set. Hooray! The sink installation is depending on the flooring. And the flooring is a big terrible mess. It was "installed" on Friday afternoon while I was at my sister's house getting ready for the family dinner. The guy was 5 hours late. He didn't add plywood under the new vanity and just put the new flooring down on top of the uneven floor. So you stand on it and it bends down and gaps and if you spilled any water there it would go through the cracks and eventually create mold. So that's a problem. I talked to the flooring guy yesterday and he said he'd be out on Monday to look at it, but probably wouldn't be able to do anything until Wed. or Thurs. Great.... We've been at the Ramada Inn since about 2 on Saturday for my mom's 60th birthday. We just got home around 11:00 a.m. I had unloaded the dishwasher, cleaned up the kitchen, put in a load of laundry and was working in the dining room when I happened to look up and saw a big ol' water spot forming on the ceiling. Oh shi#%. Yeah, the flooring installer apparently had a problem getting the toilet hooked up. Unfortunately, he didn't think to tell us that he couldn't do it and that we shouldn't use it. But he told his boss that he told us... We thought he was jut being lazy and didn't bolt it back down. Argghhh. So I called the flooring boss and said, "Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but...." Now the toiler doesn't work. The sink is days away from being installed. The dining room ceiling will have to be cut out, new drywall installed and the ceiling retextured and repainted. And we don't have a working toilet.... I give up. We're headed to the farm to spend the night. I'll just have to get the kids up extra early to get them to school on time tomorrow. The flooring guy says he will take care of everything but I have my doubts. We went through Lumber Liquidators so there is still a chance we can get it resolved without it costing us extra but again, I'm not holding my breath... Happy Sunday, everyone.

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