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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Flu Recovery, Day 2

Well today was a significant improvement over Monday. I love my boys. I love them more than nearly anything in the world. But yesterday was a rough day.... We were all home recovering from the flu and everyone was grumpy and not feeling great and bickering and we didn't get anything done around the house. Except the boys and I did get a lot more wallpaper scraped from the bathroom walls. But that's all we got done.

And so that brings us to today.

Tuesday with Violet.

She was the last of us to get over the flu. It was a pleasure staying home today with that sweet baby girl! Because she's feeling more tired and less perky than usual, she actually let me hold her and rock her for several hours today. Oh it was great! It reminded me of our days together on maternity leave. Just the two of us, rocking in the recliner, playing on the floor, working on supper together. I would be a great stay-at-home mom. Every time I get to do it, there's an awesome supper waiting on the table for Shawn and the boys when they walk in the door. Tonight, Mazy said my white chili was "the best soup I've ever tasted! I think it comes in right after sushi for my favorite food ever!" He ate three bowls. What a dear boy. I made homemade white chili for the main course. Each boy got a relish plate with carrots and mini peppers (which I carved tiny little faces into them!). I also made the boys cheese quesadillas with fresh avocado and green onions to go with their soup. And for me and Shawn, homemade tortilla bowls with delicious salads inside. Yum!

Bo sat on my lap tonight while we all watched Face Off. Every once in awhile he'd kiss my arm and call me Sugar Mama.

It's been a great day. A really great day. And here are some pics of Violet to start you Wednesday:

 Sweet Violet

 Sweet Violet's hair is getting long! And there's definitely a hint of curl in it, I'm so excited by that!

And one more of her.

  Violet playing on the boxes.

Eating a sticker. Don't worry, I fished it out. After the photo opp. :)

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