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Thursday, March 14, 2013

It Feels Like Spring!

Our temps were in the 50s today and there was some definite sunshine happening this afternoon! It was so great to see sun, and not wear a coat. Spring is here! Spring is here!

Tonight I'm using photos to tell the story of the family.

Wednesday night I took the boys to Zombie Burger after Bo's teacher conference. Mazy, as you can see, is a big fan of their burgers. Last night he ordered the White Trash Burger -- fried pickles, fried chili, cheese, maybe some bacon. 

 Bo had a great report from his teacher, though his behavior this week has not been so great... You'll hear more about that later. Please note the big salad I ordered to offset the calories of a Zombie Burger... 

This is what's left of Mazy's snowman. It's the head. He said it was eaten by a zombie. 

And now we come to tonight. Three children. Three stories. 

 The Troublemaker.
Bo's behavior, as I mentioned, has been off this week. Really, really off. His teachers call it "very emotional behavior" but I call it his "freakout temper". He's been fighting and kicking and hitting the other little alpha males in his class. And today, oh boy, today he spent some of the afternoon in the director's office because his teacher's could not control him. And when they said they were going to tell me about it, he said, "Eh, she won't care. She'll just talk to me and it will be fine." Oh Bo, Bo, Bo, never give a parent an invitation to punish you.... Tonight's punishment was: no playing outside, no TV, writing apologies to his teachers and classmates, no oatmeal pie for dessert (to celebrate Pi Day, of course), early bedtime, no bedtime books, no sack lunch tomorrow and no St. Patrick's Day parade on Saturday. If he is an outstanding, perfect student tomorrow and stays on green all day and does not have one single tantrum, then he might get a chance to earn back the parade. Maybe. 

The Party Animal.
This young man is officially on spring break tonight. He is off all next week and will be spending most of his days with his dear ol' dad at work, probably filing invoices to earn a little spending money. On Monday night I'll take him to my sister's house so he and his cousin Theron can go to horse-riding camp on Tuesday. I'm hoping he gets a couple of restaurant reviews written as well. There's Black Market Pizza in Ames that was featured on Food Network once that Mazy could review. 

 The Chub Scout.
Miss Violet made family history tonight by eating more supper than both of her brothers combined -- two boys who are not exactly bashful when it comes to food. Our sweet little girl ate: turkey, mashed potatoes, applesauce, cereal, green beans, saltine crackers, a 6 oz. bottle and an entire oatmeal cream pie for dessert. Girl likes her food! Either that or they don't feed the poor thing enough at daycare. In other news, she didn't bully anyone at daycare today! Hooray for that. At least the kids alternate their naughty days so as not to wear out the teachers. Our kids are considerate that way. :)

Have a great Friday, everyone!

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