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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Snow Is Coming!!! Or So They Say...

For nearly a week we've been hearing about "the big snow storm" that's coming tomorrow. Initial reports were of 12 inches, now I think it's down to 5 inches or maybe up to 10. I don't know anymore. There have been hourly storm updates for about two days now and they say the storm will hit Des Moines on Thursday afternoon around 4 p.m. Or so they say.

We shall see if it pans out.

Until then we shall continue with our regularly scheduled day and go to work, school, preschool and daycare. I do wish I had given Shawn a bigger grocery list today, if for nothing else than to beat tomorrow's crowd at the store. But our pantry is quite filled and with a little creativity I'm sure we can find food enough to feed the family for a day or two, if need be.

Mazy's class went to the Civic Center today for a performance by the Kodo Drum Group -- a Japanese production. He said, "It was good. There were drummers, dancers and people with flutes." When I picked Bo up from daycare today, one of his friends was standing beside him while I was across the room buckling Violet into her seat. Bo walked over to him and whispered something into his ear. I later asked him what he was whispering about and he said, "I told him to look at our cute baby." And the cute baby in question has eaten two pints of blueberries since Monday. I am afraid she may one day wake up as purple as her name.

Stay warm, stay safe and stay dry tomorrow.

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