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Monday, February 18, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me!

Ahhh, my 37th birthday draws to a close. It's been a good day. A very good day. And a holiday, hoooray for me!

I've had birthday greetings from all my family and many, many friends. Gotta love Facebook on your birthday. BTW, my friend Hillary sent me a Starbucks gift card through Facebook, how cool is that! And how very very nice of her!! Some fabulous new coworkers sent me beautiful flowers today -- you know who you are and I absolutely love tulips!!! Shawn made me several awesome handmade gifts for my future office and all kinds of great accessories for it, and he bought me six kinds of my favorite blends of Tazo tea, and a cool new coffee mug with a pen on it because I'm a writer and Mazy bought me the coolest Beatles present ever -- 4 mini Beatles figurines that are like little Lego guys. Love them!!! And sweet Bo never got to go shopping for me but he gave me lots and lots of sugar (kisses) and shared his new candy with me.

I was supposed to go to my sister's house today and that's the one birthday treat I didn't get to do. Today was Bo's kindergarten registration and the timing was just off... Oh well, it's the thought that counts and I promised Mazy we will go to their house again soon!

I made my own birthday supper -- two new Indian recipes! They turned out great. I really liked them. We're starting to get the hang of Indian. Mazy helped make my birthday dessert -- turtle brownies. Yum yum yum!

It's really been a great day, and the perfect ending to a week-long vacation. Aahhh, it's been nice. 10 days away from work is good for the soul. Tomorrow is going to stink.... :)

So now I'm going to relax for awhile and enjoy the rest of my birthday. Thanks again, everyone!!

One more thing, thinking of you today, Aunt Jean. Hope you made it through OK. Love ya!

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