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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

It's Paella Night!!!

Tonight is going to be our Valentine's Day party for the fam. I'm making Paella. Shawn is in charge of dessert. Mazy and I hope to decorate the table and get it ready before Shawn, Bo and Violet arrive.

This morning we've been working on laundry, working in the kitchen and reviewing the bathroom estimate from our handyman. We were going to make a major renovation, but I just talked to our realtor and she said -- no, no, no! Just make it fresh and functional. So we're scaling back the $5,000 estimate, which is good. :)

Mazy and I are headed to Joann Fabric soon, and then to Menard's. We need to get foam for the dining room chairs and price some things for the bathroom. And some arborio rice for our Paella. It might be fun to get some good appetizers, too.

Anyway, we're off! Happy Valentine's Eve! You still have time to go get your sweetie a gift!

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