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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sunny with a Chance of Tacos

Update: I just saw that this is my 600th blog post! Whoohoo! Thank you to everyone who keeps on reading it. Here are a couple of more photos from the last few days:

 Blurry but cute Violet.

 Violet at the farm on Sunday. Can you see her crazy hair sticking up on top?

My spinach salad yesterday at Tally's. It was the best spinach salad I've ever had.

I wanted to blog last night but my son the food critic hogged my laptop all night. :)  He is now typing his own blogs with no help from me. Last night's entry took him 2.5 hours, and I'm not joking. Now I think he was milking it so he could stay up extra late to finish it, but it is still a rather time-intensive process.

He is so excited about typing it himself though, I am all for it! He only asks us the occasional spelling question, and even though his capitalization isn't perfect, his punctuation is great! It makes me so proud to have him excited about writing!

So you can read his blog to find out about our lunch yesterday. We had a wonderful day. Truly fun, and even productive! I am loving this week of vacation with him. I'm excited for Bo to join us on it next year. I feel kind of bad sending him and Violet to daycare/preschool each morning, but they're happy there and I get so much more done around the house.

Monday morning was devoted to some writing projects for me. Then we went out for a late lunch and found ourselves in the quaint and happening neighborhood of Beaverdale. After a delicious lunch at Tally's, we went to the Beaverdale Confectionary Company or something like that, and discovered the most awesome candy store in Iowa!! Seriously if you have not been there you have to try it. It's awesome. We bought Shawn some chocolate for Valentine's Day, bought Bo and Violet's teachers some Valentine's candies and of course let Mazy pick out quite a few treats for him and Bo. We also got Violet a huge flower sucker. :) Orange, like her hair.

After our lunch and fun, we came home to work in the bathroom. I scrubbed the tub and shower while Mazy scrubbed the baseboards. Then we both scrubbed the trim with old toothbrushes, and it's looking pretty good. Mazy said cleaning was fun, and with him it actually was!

Today we started our morning with our chores. Well, actually Mazy started his morning by reading the comments on his blog post and responding to them. Then we went to the basement and spent a couple hours packing fabrics from my sewing area and going through boxes of junk. We didn't get a lot done, but it's a start. And we're going to keep the laundry going all day. I still have not accomplished my goal of getting rid of all the laundry in the basement... We came close one weekend, but now it's a huge pile again -- including several big bulky loads of bedding that needs done sometime... So we'll keep whittling away at it.

For lunch today, we're heading to an area of town with lots of Mexican/Latino restaurants and stores. We've never really explored it before so we'll give it a try. We also need to get groceries while we're out. And I just remembered that we're making Mexican for supper... Hhmm, we may have to rethink this plan or at least get something other than tacos for lunch.

OK, back to work. Hope you're all having a great week!

 Random pic of Mazy and Violet yesterday morning. I tried to get a pic of Bo's black eye but he was not into it...

The super duper awesome candy store in Beaverdale.

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