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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Gigi's Gala Night

Last night was so much fun -- I attended the Gigi's Playhouse Gala at the Downtown Marriott. I was at my sister Heidi's table. I had waited until the last minute to buy my ticket, because, well, I kept forgetting. And it turned out that there were two extra tickets so I could use one of those! Whoohoo!

But let me back up a minute. Earlier in the day I had taken the boys with me to meet Troy, Keri, Maddox and Kael for lunch down on Court Avenue and then a fun trip to the state Historical Building. Troy and I both enjoyed that because it reminded us of the times that our grandparents, Keith and Betty,  took us to the old Historical Building when we were kids. The were always very good about teaching us about history -- Iowa's and our family's.

We gave Shawn a couple hours break to go thrift shopping by himself and to pick up some groceries for supper. He was home just in time to zip me into my dress and take a quick pic before I left for the gala.

When I came down the stairs, Bo walked up to me, rubbed the dress and said, "You look beautiful."Oh that Bo. He was sincere and it really made my night!

I met my parents, Heidi and Steve, and aunt Sherie at the hotel. I found a spot on the street and walked about 3 blocks in my heels. In the snow... I should have probably paid for the valet parking, but hey, I'm a city girl now and I don't pay for parking in Des Moines. I pride myself on knowing how to find free parking in downtown.

The gala is a formal event, hence the fancy dress. Here's a picture of me and my sister, and a picture of my mom and her sister.

I meant to get a picture of my mom and dad together, and Heidi and her husband. I don't know how we failed to do that... We all looked very good. :)

The gala raises money for Gigi's Playhouse, which is an organization that provides services for people with Down Syndrome and their families. My sister is in charge of their literacy program. I plan to start volunteering to help with it, and I'm hoping when the boys and Violet are old enough that they will be Gigi's Playhouse volunteers, too.  T'he gala is one of their biggest fundraisers. We all bid on silent auction items, bought raffle tickets and cheered on those buying the live auction items. Heidi and Steve won the most silent auction items: an American Girl Doll, an autographed basketball from the Iowa State Cylcone's women's team (which includes a signature by our cousin Ellie!) and a massage.

I only had eyes for one auction item: the handmade girl's dress that I knew would be PERFECT for my little Violet at her first birthday this spring. And since I hadn't bought my ticket for the night, I figured the least I could do was buy an item. So that's how Violet got a $70 birthday dress. But isn't it cute?!  It's too big, but they said you could call the seamstress and exchange it for the size you needed.

I'm looking forward to next year's event because Heidi and I decided that our brothers and their wives will be joining us next year, and of course, I want to take my man with me next time. Though I do appreciate him staying home with the kids so I could go! And in a couple more years, Heidi and I thought it would be fun to take Mazy and her daughter Theron. They would love the live band and dancing. But we have already decided we will not allow them anywhere near the silent auction tables.... :)

Well, the Oscars are on and I'm having to explain a lot of things to Mazy who has never seen them before. Have a great week ahead, everyone!

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  1. Thanks again for coming! I can't wait to see Miss V in her new dress, so cute!