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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, everyone!

Last night was perhaps one of our least eventful New Year Eves in recent memory. We watched Lord of the Rings part 2. No fancy dinner. No big celebration. Just a low-key night at home. And that's OK, when you have three children there's no better way to spend the night than them in bed and us watching a movie together. :)

So, this morning Shawn let me sleep in until 9. Love that guy! And now we're getting ready to head to Nevada for lunch with the inlaws. Shawn's brother flies back to Atlanta tomorrow so we'll let the kids hang out with their cousins one more time.

This morning I asked everyone in the family to come up with a couple of resolutions or goals for the year. Here's what they said:

Mazy's resolutions:
1. Don't drink anymore pop.
2. Go to Adventureland.
3. Go to new restaurants.
4. Make cake.

Bo's resolutions:
1. Learn how to make pumpkin-strawberry pie.
2. Make bacon mix cake.
3. Go to the Adventureland!
4. And now I want to try zucchini! Fried zucchini!
5. I want to learn how to do monkey bars!

Keesia's resolutions:
1. Stop drinking Diet Coke.... Because Mazy wants me too.... :)
2. Get this house on the market by the end of February! Hopefully before!
3. Learn how to make four really good soups.... (I'm terrible at soups and it makes me mad.)
4. Spend more quality time with my family.
5. Wash ALL of our dirty clothes in the basement....
6. Plan one outdoor/nature activity each week with at least one of the kids.

Shawn's resolutions:
"Not now. I just want to get dressed."

So whatever your goals or plans or dreams for 2013, I wish you success in achieving them. Now to help with my fifth resolution, I'm going down to get a load of colored clothes in the washer! Happy 2013!

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