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Sunday, December 30, 2012

What Day Is It?

To be honest, all week I have had no idea what the day of the week is or what the date is. I know New Year's is approaching. I have nothing prepared for New Year's Eve, which Shawn tells me is tomorrow. Yikes. May have to get on that tomorrow.

The kids and I spent last night at the farm. My Dad and brother Troy took the kids sledding over at Grandpa Keith's farm. Bo did not want to go so he stayed at the farm with me, mom, Violet and the Foritanos who were out to try Steve's new camera equipment.

It's been a nice break. Another holiday season that was here and gone before I knew it. Tomorrow I need to get the tree taken down and all the Christmas ornaments packed away in the basement. Now that the holidays are nearly over, it's time to get super serious about selling this house. And I can't wait!!! We have so many great plans for our new house! I can't wait! Oh, I already said that. But it's true, I really can't!

Shawn's computer has been down ever since we lost power right before Christmas. He's trying everything he can to salvage the hard drive contents and then he'll go shopping for a new one. We are also contemplating a new TV. Ours is kind of old and when you watch movies it cuts off quite a bit of the scene. The boys are excited about a new T, but really excited about new rooms in a new house!

Speaking of that, I think I will go house shopping for awhile tonight. It's fun to see what's available in our price range around town and look at all the photos of them. When I find particularly good options, I show the boys. They like to pick out their future bedrooms.

Have a great last day of 2012!!

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