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Thursday, January 3, 2013

9 Months Old Today!

N – Nine months old today, that's our sweet little Violet Betty.

I – Into everything she can get her hands on, especially the remotes, the DVR and DVD player, cords of any kind and the cats.

N – No words yet, but she's a babbling pro. Our favorite is when she "talks" with her thumb in her mouth and makes the cutest little sounds.

– "Exuberant at play." (I asked Shawn for ideas for the 'E'.) "Or exquisitely beautiful." (He could probably go on and on all night.)

M – Magnificently cute when she's wrestling on the floor with Mazy and Bo, and they're all laughing and shrieking and tumbling like bear cubs. I especially love it when the boys stop their play to give her a kiss on her head.

O – Ornery little girl! You should see her crawl toward the catfood dish or the TV stand, then stop, turn around to see if you're watching, then give you the sweetest and cutest smile, then turn around and continue to the forbidden object.

N – Night owl who likes to wake up her mama and daddy pretty much every single night to see if we will bring her into our warm, cozy bed (which we usually do).

– Tiny little two front teeth, only on the bottom, but the top ones are coming! She may not have many chompers but that girl likes to eat food! She loves good crusty bread, blueberries, rice, cookies and grapes (cut up into tiny pieces of course).

H – Head of red hair! It's really coming in now and it definitely hasn't lost it's beautiful red shade. When we take Violet out, people can't stop talking about that hair. And her chubby cheeks. :)

S – Softest and smoothest skin that I love to cuddle and kiss. Babies are just like big velvet pillows! I love it when she snuggles up into my neck and chin with those soft cheeks.

O – Observant all the time. When she sees something that interests or confuses her, she gets such a quizzical look on her face. It's so sweet. And if she doesn't like you, she can give you an evil eye that's worthy of her mama.

L – Loving, lovable, lovely and our lovey dovey. We just can't get enough of her.

D – Dainty but daring. There is no Shrinking Violet in our home, that girl's fearless and tries to climb onto, over, into or up pretty much everything in her path.

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