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Monday, January 7, 2013

Family Game Nights and Kept Resolutions

Greetings and happy Monday!

Sorry for the disappearing act – Shawn's computer is still down so we're sharing my laptop, and on top of that, our Internet connection has been super slow ever since Shawn's computer broke during snowmaggedeon 2012. So I've avoided playing on it lately.

So here's a quick recap:

Friday Movie Night
Last Friday night we had pizza and then Mazy and I watched the rest of the second Lord of the Rings movie. Shawn went to game night.

Saturday Quilt Shop Trip
Saturday was so fun! My sister-in-law Denise joined me and Violet for a trip to my new favorite quilt shop, Crazy Redhead Quilting in Newton. The shop is an old church and last Saturday was the last day of $4/yard sale fabric! If you don't sew, and I know many of you don't, $4/yd is super cheap! I pretty much spent all of my Christmas money from Grandma Maxine and Grandpa Pud. I bought tons of awesome 1950s themed fabric for my future kitchen. It's all reds, turquoise, greens and yellow. So awesome! I bought five yards of white with lavendar stripes and dots for the backing for Violet's quilt for her future bedroom. I bought a ton of Halloween fabrics for I don't know what yet, but I'll think of something. I found some bright greens for a Mazy project. And I bought some awesome (full price) fabric for Bo's lap quilt. He wanted footballs but I loved the rocketship fabric much, much more so that's what he's getting. :)

Violet was in heaven. The ladies at the quilt shop were so nice and asked to carry her and entertain her while I shopped. She's such a sweetie. Before I know it she will be picking out her own fabrics and sewing her own projects. And I can't wait!!!

Saturday Younkers Trip
Saturday afternoon I went to Younkers to return a few things and bought some new Fiestaware dinner plates -- red, turquoise and blue. Are you seeing a theme? :) I can't wait for my new house and my new kitchen to decorate.

Sunday Cleaning Day
And after all the fun and shopping on Saturday, I buckled down on Sunday and got the downstairs cleaned up in the morning, then put away a bunch of laundry and ran four more loads of laundry and put away most of it. Mt. Laundry is slowly disappearing! Remember that was one of my resolutions? It's going to be the first one I achieve! Also, everyone in the family has successfully not drank pop since we made our resolutions. I think that is pretty darn great!

Sunday Family Game Night
Sunday night we celebrated with the boys for all the hard work of the day by playing board games. We had so much fun that we told them we'd do it again tonight if they both had good days at school and helped with supper cleanup. Well that was all the motivation they needed! They ate all their supper (homemade taco salads, courtesy of the new tortilla bowl bakers that Mazy bought me for Christmas) and then they worked together to put all the dishes in the dishwasher, put away food and wash the dining room table.

And that's it. Also, the Packers won their first playoff game. My sister invited us to her house for the Super Bowl. Shawn's birthday is quickly approaching. And Shawn and I just cut, measured and rounded up all of the ingredients needed for tomorrow's Crockpot Indian Curry recipe. We are excited to make homemade Indian food and this is our starter recipe. I'll let you know how it turns out. Bye bye!

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